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How is Shop Payment Account Working for You?

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Whatever is easiest for my customers is fine by me. I actually don't mind having to wait a few days for the payment to be deposited. I've had about half my customers use it since I began using DC.
I don't have it so can't say, but I have heard there is no direct line to call and to talk to a person, is this true?
@Diana...Thanks! It sounds like it might be time to add DC...hoping it will help with sales!
Most of the sales I've been getting (I would say 80% of sales) have been through direct checkout..but that might just because it's the first thing listed now when you check out. I like that there are more options for buyers now, but it is a pain to wait all the days to get the $$ via Paypal where it deposits immediately. Just harder to balance the checkbook when you're not sure when it will clear.
I stopped using it because I didn't like that the money was unavailable until it was deposited in my checking account.

I like that with Paypal I can immediately use that money for purchases that accept paypal for payment. I buy a lot of supplies, findings, diapers, health and beauty products via paypal. I also pay my Etsy bill via Paypal.

With direct checkout being the default payment option, that money wasn't available, even to make payments to Etsy, for at least 5 business days.

I haven't had anyone ask for a different option than paypal, so it doesn't seem like buyers notice the difference very much.

Good luck to you and have a good weekend! Allison
I love to give my customers a choice and for me it works great!
I've decided not to use it.I have the PayPal debit card and my money is available to use asap.Also the shipping is super easy...customers get an automatic email from PayPal with tracking links when I pay for postage.

But I have a feeling Etsy will eventually force us all to use it.Just a hunch.It's extra revenue for them and will make sense for them to phase out all other payment options eventually.Hopefully they'll figure out a way to get sellers their money faster.

I have Square and had a CC Merchants account for 5 years previously and my credit card sales never took as long to get to my checking account as DC here.
Yeah, I've only used this for a few sales and, while I like the idea of giving my customers more options, and possibly making more sales, the hold on the money, especially considering you have to ship the items out first before you can actually get paid, is really inconvenient, as well as the inability to print a shipping label (thus, necessitating a trip to the post office).

Unless these things are improved, I don't know if it's actually worth it as it creates more work and a gap in getting paid for items.

Also, does anyone know what the chances/percentage of withheld payments are? I ask because what concerns me about shipping out items before getting paid for them is what if the card/identity is stolen and then I'm out payment and a handcrafted (and very often, custom) item.
Very well. I like it very much and so far so good I don't mind so much the waiting period to get my funds so it is all good. . :-)
I like it. So far about 1/2 of the sales are with DC. I don't mind the feels like I get a paycheck once a week. (Not sure if it has increased sales as of now.) I save the money in Paypal for shipping/suppllies and the money from DC gets deposited into my checking account for whatever it is needed for. As for shipping I just use the backdoor link for Paypal. Pretty easy as of now...

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