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How do you advertise for a sale in your store?

I want to add 50% off sale to my store? Do I add this to my banner? How do you advertise so it shows in the corner of my picture?

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Is all up to your how far you want to take it, usually I just put it on my announcements and post on twitter and facebook. But when I go all out for my Birthdays I add the coupon code to ALL of my listings (painful) and then throw a party hat on Franklin (green guy in my avatar and banner) and add the code to the banner as well...
i have never created a banner for my shop yet... i have only one listing so didnt know if it made sense to say 50% "store" do i get a coupon code?
Bahahaha @ Amy! I like the party hat idea!

Rebecca- Do you mean how do you create a coupon code? If so, this link will be useful:
i usually put it on my facebook, instagram, shop announcements and it usually works pretty well haha good luck with your sale! :)
If you only have one item just put it in your title or description, can I ask why you want to discount your one item? I would wait till you have a shop full for a coupon and I would re think 50% off that is huge I usually do 15% at the most you got to think of the overhead you are not going to make any profit it is going to get sucked into everything else.
I have never seen sandal socks did you just cut off the top of a sock?
I was going to say what Charley said as well. It might be a good idea to wait on putting in a coupon code until you have more items. And 50% does seem a bit much...
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If you want to run a sale, you can always use the EtsyOnSale app to change your prices and your titles.

It can be found at

As far as advertizing that you are having a sale, you do that in the same way you market your shop. Either through social media, your newsletter, blog, or anyplace else you generally advertize.

However, with only 1 item in stock, no shop announcement or policies, I'd strongly suggest that you build a shop before you start to run a sale.

Here's a good place to start
I use Etsy on sale.

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