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Scary and Weird...

I know this thread is not related...but it's 3:30am....and earlier tonight I heard
a loud, fast popping sound on the side of my house. I have no idea what it scared the dog too.

Then, I just noticed the electrical outlets in BOTH of my bathrooms malfunctioned
at the same time. All other electrical stuff is working. As far as I know, the fuses are not connected...the bathrooms are on opposite sides of the house.
**However, I'm NOT going to the scary, dark garage to check at this hour** Yikes.

Anyone know why both outlets would stop working at the same time?

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I don't know but that is wierd and scary. Hope everything turns out okay.
maybe it's a fried wire... that would explain popping noises
I'd be wary of using anything electrical until someone takes a look at your electrical box in the morning
Hi Gigi...are your lights still on? maybe it was the fuses in the bathroom loudly popping and you heard it near you? not sure...if your'e worries call the police, they can check the side of the house for you...
Anything electrical? I have an AC unit in the's hotter than Haiti here. This happened 3 hours ago....I just noticed it now. I will stay away until morning...and call my maintainece guy....but it does have me very worried.
I would get someone to look at your wiring in the morning, My hubby is an electrician and he would be shouting at the screen right now telling you to be very careful.
Yes, all my electrical stuff everywhere else in the house is working fine...all
other lights etc...that are connected to both bathrooms are working fine. Just the 2 outlets...and they aren't even on the same fuse.
Ok...I will stay awake...I'm used to being up at night anyway....thanks for your responses...I appreciate the help and suggestions.
The AC may have blown a fuse or two. It uses a lot of juice. Just to be safe, maybe call your gas/electric company, they should have a number you can call day or night.

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