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Scary and Weird...

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First time I've lived alone in a house without apartment neighbors within screaming distance, so when I moved in I got a security system. Twice, electrical storms have set off the alarm.
...SOS...MAYDAY....I NEED HELP...........

It's absolutely great how everyone 'jumped' in to help someone
who was having an emergency. and kinda neat, how the OP came
here, to the forums, to explain the situation and get advice on what
to do.

I really like Etsy and it's members. We are like a huge family who doesn;t stick it's nose into private matters, but is there when you need help and support. And it doesn't always have to be about business,
Does Uncljohn have a blog? Impressive!
Gigi, I'm so glad everything worked out well for you! It can be hard when something happens and you live by yourself. I get so paranoid when my husband is out of town. I remember one night when my hubby was in Korea for a year and it was just my 3 year old son and I - I heard a loud bang one night that woke me up, and I went through the house with a butcher knife turning on every light to look for something! Don't know what I would have done if someone was in my house though! LOL! I think it was just my son hitting the wall while he was asleep, and since I was asleep it sounded worse than it really was.

I had trouble with a GFI outlet a while back. We have a chest freezer in our basement, and the outlet kept tripping. It was actually connected to the outlet in the garage, so I had to go out there to push the red button, and this was happening weekly or so. This was a brand new house, so it shouldn't have been happening. It turns out that it was also connected to the outlet outside, and the box wasn't sealed properly. Water was getting in between the wall and the box every time it rained, and it would trip that whole line. Once they sealed it, it happened once more, and since then has been fine (knock on wood)!

It's great to be a part of such a thoughtful community that is so willing to help each other out!
While we're glad that everything worked out well, this isn't an appropriate topic for the Etsy Forums. Let's bring this thread to a close. You can see what's appropriate for the Etsy Forums here:

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