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What scared you when you were just a kid... and maybe still does

reading the thread about weird and scary,where Gigi was scared by a loud noise in the dark and then the lights went out in the bathroom, I started to wonder what scared me when I was a kid...

..I was always scared of the dark spaces under the stair steps (empty) imagining some hands that want to reach for me... so I run very fast... and sometimes still do.

..and I've been scared of spiders since forever and despite my dads efforts - we had this spider in the kitchen corner... he was totally lazy but maybe it was our fault as we were his meals on wheels.

and when I was 5 I was totally freaking out that I will get a heart attack... yeah....

So what were/are your imaginary fears?
(I am not sure it's good section to post but there is no team for just a curious talk, so let's have some fun and pull out that corpse from the closet ^__- )

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Inactive Etsy Member 6:35am Jun 26, 2012 EDT
The skeksies from The Dark Crystal. I loved them, too.

Admin, don't close this, it's nice to have inappropriate threads sometimes.
Heidi O'Brien from cabaretghost says
The skeksies from The Dark Crystal. I loved them, too.

uuu.. they were scary yeah..

and that reminds me that I had nightmares about Fraggles pulling out a tooth with a help of a track train....
at 5 years old watched
yellow submarine ; scared of blue meanies
wizard of oz, the witch
the jungle book ; the big snakes in the movie
Michael Jackson Thriller ; remember crying and being very scared..

I remember watching Elephant Man around that age too and not being able to watch the scenes where people were being mean to him.
Heidi, didn't see the skeksies young enough..thought they were funny the way they eat and make those strange sounds,excellent movie!!
I was fearless as a kid...I only remember once when I have ever gotten frightened.
I was about 10 years old...had spent the evening babysitting a neighbors kids was perhaps 11p.m and I was walking home down our old narrow dark dirt road....full moon...early kid.
I had to pass an old graveyard..very old and uncared for...I was singing at the top of my lungs to keep the spooks away and keeping a close eye on every single inch of that place....when all of a sudden our old white cow (she had been sleeping there) heard me..stood up from behind some gravestones and gave very loud and healthy MMOOOOOO.....My hair stood on end and my feet grew my mind I knew it was our cow...but I ran home as fast as I could nevertheless.
I guess I am still pretty fearless so I hold that memory close to my heart...I was scared !!!!
I was terrified of dogs and cats! Ironically that's what my shop is all about and today I cannot imagine my life without them. Funny how some things turn out.
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:49am Jun 26, 2012 EDT
Not wanting to be that guy, what does this have to do with Site Help? doesn't and the OP prefaced that in her opening post. No harm done. :)
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:51am Jun 26, 2012 EDT
Nothing. Just having fun while the admins sleep.

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