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does anyone know how to tell the amount of sales tax that will need reported for the year? I guess I also need to know those total sales plus sales tax. Is there somewhere that I can find that?
Thanks for any ideas

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you download an excel file in info and appearance > options, and then sum the columns
Hi Drew,
You only collect sales tax on items you sell to people in your own State. You should have your shop set up to do the auto collect so most all the info you are asking for is in your Paypal acct. If you accept Money order, checks, etc. then you just need to keep track of that.
Do you keep some sort of records yourself? If not you can download your Etsy sales reports and take the information from there.

Wow thanks so much everyone i appreciate it! I guess I'll try those suggestions. Paypal may be able to just give me the amount of taxes I collected and yes I do collect for my state but that's great advice to do the auto collection. I want to make sure I send them their money!!
This should do it for you in Paypal:

Download Your Paypal History
if you don't have a spreadsheet type program already you can upload the info (the etsy CSV) into Google Docs (saved my LIFE at tax time, once I figured out how to get it to add columns)

this is why I like doing my sales taxes quarterly, even though I could do them yearly, its a lot easier to do 3 months at a time for me.
There's also OpenOffice if you don't have Excel--it's a free download. Here's how autosum works there:

Auto-sum: Adding Up Your Totals
always keep your own records
I am clueless about how you collect Sales Taxes on Etsy. I have had two sales so far! Yeah!
Lucky for me as this thread has pointed out we don't collect sales tax for buyers in other state. (my first sale)
My second sale was in the same state but the buyer included the sales tax. (Another Etsy seller)
Where can I find the instructions adding the sales tax if needed to my listing?
Thanks for posting how to get sales reports totaling your collected sales tax !

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