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why do the same people get put on the front page?

I just seem to see the same things on the front page often. I am wondering why dose this happen, and who picks the treasury's for the front page? I am just getting a feel for this website and have just this simple question to ask?

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Hi there,

Each set of Handpicked Items on the front page is a Treasury curated by an Etsy member. Admin do not create these treasuries. You do!

Each member on Etsy has the ability to create a Treasury, and our Merchandising team chooses which ones appear on the front page. To view the Treasuries that have been created by Etsy members, click here: The Merchandising team publishes a monthly blog post that outlines seasonal trends and promotional opportunities:

We make no secret about picking treasuries that feature great photos. Just like with your own shops, photography is key here. Another factor is seasonality and trends - which we explain in the monthly merchandising guides. You can find this month's here:

And for all those color hungry eyes, you're in luck. I see "bright summer colors" and even "neon hues" among June's themes and trends!


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It's the taste of Etsy, not everybody. The frontpage is not objective.
I think it's a lot to do with the treasury teams..basically groups of etsy members who feature each others items in HEAPS of treasuries. So I guess there's more chance of the same ones coming up again and again. I don't know who picks them. Haven't really looked into it and I don't have time to make up a heap of treasuries.
well it seems to me they could just advertise for them selves and leave some of us that dont play on line all the time like they do. sorry to say
yeah, personally I don't look at the front page often, too bland for me. I like COLOUR!!! :)
You could join a treasury team yourself of course... Just a thought, they are open to anybody.
There is always so much complaining about the fp which I don't understand at all. Join a t team or start making loads of treasuries. Things never happen out of the blue, you, me, everybody has to work to achieve their goals, right.

Btw, I have been on the fp twice in the past 24 hours. I didn't have any sales, just to say that being on the fp doesn't mean much.
But still it is nice to be on the frontpage once -:)
ps..I'm Dutch (Holland) so don't pay any notice on my English writing -:)
Blimey - That front page is so washed out and pale - I never look at the front page and now I know why - I like colour too
I just want to spend time making things not sitting in front of a computer all the time. thats why I joined etsy so I can do what I love doing and not being a blob.. I wouldn't want to spend more time looking at this blinding screen.

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