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new tools to aid resellers?

I understand that many sellers can recreate some of their items (I am one of them) while others create one of a kind pieces (I do that as well). But with the new ability to list quantities I am now seeing shops stating that they have 50 or more "handmade" items ready to sell. Is this new tool just going to enable resellers to sell more items here on Etsy since they now do not need to re list after each sale? is it wrong of me to be wary of shops where each items has unrealistic quantities available?

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This feature has been highly requested by the community (, and is a feature we're excited to offer. It's a tool that is useful to many current Etsy sellers who make frequent sales and are currently forced to babysit their listings or use 3rd party tools to renew their listings. This enables shoppers to have more visibility into the true quantity of items available for purchase, and to purchase more than one if available (like in the case of our recently launched wedding registry!).

As always, if you see any suspicious activity pertaining to listings or shops we'd like to hear about it! Send an email to and it will be forwarded to the correct team for investigation. Let's all try to keep our community safe!


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hmm...does sound a bit dodgy - however they may be able to recreate the item?
if something is handmade and they have 100 available it does seem a bit suspicious...
Do they say "ready to ship" (or something similar) in the listing?

I added multiple quantities to a few of my listings (so they would auto renew) but the listings state that they are made to order.
it depends - I make handmade supplies and sell in quantities. I suppose I could make some really simple earrings or rings and have a good number as well.
I knew who it was for from the get go. But I think any buyer would realize 50 of something is not handmade in the tradional sense.

It is great for supply sellers though. They had been begging for it for a long time. Never got it till we started attracting "collectives."
For my items that are customized (ie: name, monogram, etc), I set the quantity to 10. They are made to order, and I have the supplies on hand. Put it at 10 just so I didn't have to remember to renew - and to allow a person to buy more than 1 at a time.
Umm....hello? Soap? It is most definitely handmade but I have many of the same item.
Yep, we keep several of our scents in-stock year round in quantity...I LOVE this feature. Saves me lots of time!
I make my lip balm in batches of 44 per scent. That's only 8 ounces of product- a pretty small amount, really. They're not "mass produced", I'm not a reseller, and my products are just as handmade as someone's one of a kind piece of jewelry or short run of prints or whatever.

Just because a feature isn't tailored specifically for your business model doesn't mean it's not incredibly useful to other legitimate handmade sellers.
I added multiples to some of my listings but they are ones that are made-to-order so people can pay for the amount they want without me having to make them a reserved listing first. I don't have 50 though....but if I was to offer a custom invite or something like that I would probably list 50-100 and the person could then pick 75 and be charged accordingly.

But I see your point that it can make it easier for resellers. It can also though make it easier to SPOT purse 'makers' - most handmade shops won't have 100 of one style available ready to ship.

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