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I would like to know if someone knows....

I would like to know if someone knows of a site that lets you sell digital enhancements.

I know you can not sell this type of service on Etsy. But I would sure like to know if there is a site that we can use to sell this service.

My husband for years has been doing this for free for friends and family members, lately people he doesn't know have been asking him to do the touch ups for free and it's starting to bug him. He is getting to where he doesn't want to do it at all for anyone.

He has been taking digital image (photographs) and cleaning them up of any rips, tears and worn spots and emailing back a perfect digital picture. It takes him several hours to do 1 image to perfection (he's a really picky person).

He really enjoys doing it, but I sure would like him to be paid for it and if he had this service on a paid site, we could direct people inquiries to the site. And he might be able to make some money to as well.

Anyone got Idea where to go?

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Perhaps he can create his own website, that way he'll have total control?I know how long it takes to do photo editing/repairs trust me I do.

As far as sites like etsy, I don't know of any that allows services like that. Perhaps someone will chime in
He would be able to make his own website but he doesn't know if he want the hassle of making it himself.

That's why he was asking if anyone knows of a site that already exist that he could use.


He could use sites like Craigslist or other service directories and link to an online portfolio on Flickr.
you might just have to check them all out or ask them directly.

he could use a site with templates, like weebly or supadupa to make a website, they're pretty easy, and supadupa has a pretty sophisticated cart system with lots of choices for the buyer (you can customize options for things like size, model, number, color, fabric, whatever you need)

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