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Activity feed issue?

When in my activity feed and I unclick my circle, I only have information about me and my shop going back to yesterday (there was lots there before yesterday's date).

Also, I have an item favorite that shows up on my stats and not in my activity feed. Did the person un-favorite it, or is it just not showing?


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The activity feed only shows 'recent' activity. On mine, it rarely goes beyond about 8 hours.

As for the favourite, its quite possible that the person's favourites are private. In that case, it wouldn't show on your activity feed.
Moving to Site Help.
I've been seeing a lot of people saying something is wrong with their activity feeds. Mine is acting normal, though.
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:02pm Jun 26, 2012 EDT
I got tired after getting all the way back to May. Mine is all there.
For me, it used to not show up at all. Now it just takes a while to show up. I think this is a common problem!
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:11pm Jun 26, 2012 EDT
My activity feed, as of today, isn't showing what the stats show - people who favorited my items.
Thanks for the feedback everyone!
Hi ChinaCarnellaFineArt,

Sounds like those members may have their favorites set to private. This would explain why they don't show up in your Activity Feed.

I'm still convinced something is off. I just had someone favorite 5 items from my shop, showing nowhere in activity feed. I find it hard to believe they would go through all of that trouble just to un-heart them. But a few favorites from this morning are showing. So frustrating!

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