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package never arrived, need advice please

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I just sent a package to UK, took 2 months, so I sent her another one and it arrived along with the other one., so she got 2, She asked if she could donate to charity of her choice , I said yes so she did. Nice lady//
I was lucky to get such a wonderful lady that understood the mailing system/
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:35pm Jun 27, 2012 EDT edited
being as business deduction doesnt mean anything, or compensate anyone for the loss. all it means is that you dont pay income tax on money that wasnt income, which is normal. you still put money out of your pocket for the supplies and such, and a SP doesnt even get to deduct the time or profit lost, so you put money out of your pocket and lost time and profit

im not sure why people think a loss is no big deal, because its a write off
I do not ship parcel post.. ever. It can take a LONG time to arrive. Parcel post only saves you money once the item weighs over 3-4lbs. For about the same shipping cost as Parcel Post you could ship it Fedex or UPS instead which is automatically insured up to $100. Either way next time don't ask the clerk to add "tracking", ask for delivery confirmation. If I'm not mistaken it doesn't matter how long it actually takes to get there, if OP doesn't have any tracking information available...if payment is via Paypal the buyer can file a claim after a week(?) the seller then has to provide proof that they shipped and it should arrive soon, or proof of delivery. If the seller can't prove either, then they are SOL.

Sorry =/
I only wish my business was big enough to be able to have a deduction. What happens in my case is I am out the money I paid for the item I sold, as i sell vintage, I am out shipping money, I live hand to mouth, this site is just gas money for me to keep doing what i love to do. I hope one day to be big enough where something like this does not hurt my pocket book , this takes food out of my house, gas out of my car, etc.
I always ship priority mail as well... surface mail takes too long...
I know what you mean about not being able to understand some employees. I've done that too and walked away...knowing I should have insisted. It's an awful feeling :(

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Inactive Etsy Member 4:04pm Jun 27, 2012 EDT
Bonnie i would suggest next time after requesting for a service twice for a track number and getting nothing ask for their supervisor.
after my dad passing, my son send me from france a package, insured , it took 2 months 1/2 to get here, after the post office told me >we dont know how it happen but your box went to singapour and california before coming to virginia. .I think is funny now, but I lost lots sleep over this. your package can shop up anyday
i mean show up anyday.finger on wrong key
Although you've already refunded, i wouldnt' cancel the sale just yet.

if the package does arrive, and the buyer lets you know, you can just invoice her/him thru paypal for the item again... easier than canceling, relisting , etc.

hope it gets to its destination..... :)

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