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Sold Out Listings and Quantity Editing

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I'm loving these new features! Thanks Etsy!
Thank you Janne Perry! I will check that out.
Hi Stephen Hampton,
I am feeling the same exact way, totally inappropriate. Just noticed this on Friday. So etsy is telling buyers that want to buy something from you that there are other similar items available in other shops, so go there instead. Taking the chance of them finding something else in my shop that they may like better away, and now they are referred elsewhere. Not a very smart move on etsy part.
People can be found by your fabulous "searching" system with out buyers blatantly being sent to other shops from my shop. Bad move etsy.
If I could make a suggestion.....

I have just begin using the quantity button on etsy when selling multiples. Just now I sold 3 of an item, but in my sales it registers as only 1. I have always noticed this was the case with etsy, but was hoping it had been changed.

My problem with it is this: part of projecting the success of one's shop has to do with being able to show (1) steady sales and (2) strong feedback. Because it is only registering as 1 sale, my sales total does not reflect the fact that it was 3 items, not 1. This then reflects on my feedback bc the buyer can only leave 1 comment rather than 3.

I hope ti doesn't seem silly, but to me and others it is important. I want my totals to be accurate. If the buyer had bought 3 DIFFERENT items it would have registered as 3 sales rather than 1. I think even when buying multiples of the same item it should register as the exact amount.

This also matters to me because I do like to look at trends in my sales and what i am selling more of, etc. 3 vs 1 is significant to me.

I am happy to discuss this further if you would like! Convo me anytime.


awesome just made my bulk tag editing and my world will be complete!
I love the easy edit quantities on the listing page!! Is there any way you could do that with the price. I would love to edit the price with one click when having a sale.
if you do have more than on of the thing you are selling do you have to pay for every number that you have or just for that one listing?? :( im so confused and so new to this! haha
love this feature...
now was wondering when the feature of bulk price changing is coming along.
I love the easy fix the amount button on the main page of what is listed in my shop. Could it be done for the price changes?
ett captain
I love the quantity editing tool! The sold out has also been quite useful.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:36pm Jul 25, 2012 EDT
Needed both of these bad... Thanks!

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