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The perfect image size?

I want to do some updating to my etsy shop. Something that always bothers me is I never know when editing my photos how they will look when I upload and they get cropped by etsy. I would like to know the perfect image size to fit perfectly inside the “etsy crop”.
For example, this is my facebook store.
If I make the images 450x450 pixels, they fit perfect, you can even see the border I put around the images in the thumbnail. What is the perfect Etsy size so I can give the same look for my etsy shop?

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i dont think there is a magic size because some ppl view in list view which is square, some ppl like gallery which is rectangle, they both crop differently
well darn,that's not the answer I was hoping for =/
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:03pm Jun 28, 2012 EDT
But does anyone know what the sizes of the rectangle and square are? I'd be interested in knowing this.
I tried googling it, but I could only find the dimensions for the width,which was 570 if I can only find the out the height pixels....
I crop mine to 1000 x 1000 pixels and leave a bit of space around them. Seems to work out fine for me.
This is what I do. I'm lazy and it works for me.

Basically here are 2 things to consider:

--If you don't crop it to the expected size (near square), etsy will crop it for you from the middle (which means cutting off the top/bottom if it's a vertical crop.

--But, with the new listing layout, every subsequent photo will take on the shape of your original photo when clicked on.

So, if your first photo is and extreme vertical, you're screwed once, and then all your subsequent photos will be verticals (and get the gray borders), so you're screwed again.
well the square is 570 by 570 .. the gallery proportion is 170 by 135. ... so as long as the proportions constrain to those it should be fine,...

like 570 by 453 for the rectangle should be ok..u can test it
If you right click on a photo in the view you're interested in and then click on 'properties' it will give your the pixel size.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:11pm Jun 28, 2012 EDT edited
I took a screen shot and selected the squares in Paint to get the dimensions:

Gallery view: 170x135
Listing view: 75x75

When you click on a listing, the picture there is 570x430

Hope this helps.

Well Terri, that is certainly an easier way to do it :P

My Firefox doesn't have 'Properties', but it does have near the bottom 'View Image Info' that gives the size.
I think the sizes will vary depending on who uploaded the photo it if you check the properties. I really want my borders to show on my thumbnail...think it will make my shop look prettier.I I want my models to show with my jewelry next to them too,like in my avatar. I will message an admin,If I do get a majic # I will post it for yall ;) Thanks for ur help

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