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international buyer says she didn't get her item

Hi Everyone, I am new to Etsy and need some advice...

My shop says I don't do international shipping but I had a buyer that talked me into it. I told her I would mail to her but she had to pay the shipping costs. It was $80 to send USPS Priority with no tracking and if we wanted tracking it would have been $250. The buyer chose to do no tracking. I mailed out her party prop june 7th. I did receive a customs number. The customs number says that the package was accepted in customs and left the US June 13th but that is the only info they have because there was no tracking. She is saying she did not receive her item. Her party is on Sunday so if she doesn't receive it by tomorrow she doesn't need it anymore. I opened an investigation with USPS but they said it could take 4 weeks to here back from the Great Britain Mail. What should I do? I don't want any problems but if I refund her the full amount that she paid I will be out $180 plus the $80 I paid for shipping. She has been so nice that I feel bad. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

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I don't don't have a shop.
This is a buyer only account.
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It can take up to 6 weeks or more to ship internationally. Ordering from overseas is pretty risky when you have such a short deadline, your customer probably should have taken that into consideration.
you dont have a shop....did you sell it off etsy???
Yes, depending on where you sent it, the package could take four or five weeks to arrive. Paying the extra amount for tracking wouldn't get it there any faster so that's hardly worth the extra cost.

International shipping is not difficult, it isn't risky (generally speaking), and it's not really something to avoid. It does, however, require patience.
The customer had to know that an exact arrival date wasn't possible. It was her decision to order the item anyway. If she receives it after her party, it's up to her to decide whether or not to keep it. If you allow returns and accept a return, traditionally it's up to the buyer to pay the return postage.

I hope you're not considering refunding any money before the item is in your hands again....
Since it was a more expensive order, make sure she checks with her PO. It could be that they are holding it until she pays the taxes on it.
I just sent a watch to the UK using first class USPS mail and it arrived 4 days later in the UK. I was shocked and so was the buyer and we were expecting it to be 3-4 weeks.
If you have a shop and are using this as a buyer account you need to add the name into your profile on both shops.
Why would you refund the shipping?

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