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Drop in views, sales in last 2 weeks ADMIN please we need some answers

First it was the outage on June 16th now there is a new "test search".

I'm reading thread after thread in the forums from many shop owners that are experiencing drops in views and sales in the last 2 weeks.

ADMIN - can you tell us if the "test search" is going to be permanent and what you see is the benefit of doing so when it seems to be unanimous that it is just going to make things more difficult for buyers to find what they are really looking for and not what Etsy thinks they want to look for?

As someone who shops on Etsy for my supplies even as an experienced "searcher" it's very frustrating to look for fabric when I have to wade through all of the new choices Etsy is giving me.

ADMIN - surely after reading all of the threads about drops in sales and views you have an idea of what is causing this, other than "summer slow down".

After spending much time reading about SEO, tags, listing titles, I tweaked about 1/3 of my shop and rearranged my shop sections after the outage on the 16th and had a positive response in increased views and sales. I am at a total loss now to understand why my sales have dropped off yet again. This is not a "hobby" for me, this is my full time income.

I think as shop owners that work hard to make Etsy successful we deserve an answer and not the standard links to "how to drive sales, improve SEO, etc"

Thank you

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There's a great post that talks about experiences from other sellers, their tips, suggestions and ideas. Feel free to post your own as well! Below is the original post:

Nickey Skarstad from knickey says
Hi sellers,

Summer has rolled in with gusto and the month of July is almost upon us. This time of the year, when the Northern Hemisphere is out enjoying warm temps, some sellers notice a decrease in the number of views and sales in their shops. This seasonal slowdown is well known in the retail world and its implications are felt both on and offline. Meanwhile, this is a great time to start planning for the holidays. Start creating holiday stock, and planning your packaging and promotion. They will be here before you know it!

I’m drafting a community sourced blog article for Etsy’s Seller Handbook about this topic and I’d like to hear from you. As a seller how do you use your seasonal slowdown to ramp up and get prepared for the holiday season? Based on your experience, what tips and advice do you have for other sellers? Use these questions as a guide when crafting your response:

-Press and promotional opportunities. Do you keep holiday items in your shop year round? If not, when do you start adding holiday merchandise to your shops? Has a member of the press (remember they’re now in holiday mode) ever found you during the offseason?
-Products and inventory. How do you create more inventory during your slow season? When do you ramp up production to prepare for the holidays?
-Marketing and sales. How do you use this time to flesh out your marketing plan? What about Christmas in July?
-What NOT to do. What would you recommend sellers SHOULDN’T do during slower times (hint, grossly discount all of your products).

As with all of our community sourced articles, I’ll quote our favorite advice and will link back to your shop in the process.

Thanks for your insight!

(Also, check out the response so far over in the Etsy Success team here:


Hope this helps!
Just wanted to pop in and suggest you all check out the new holiday merchandising guide. It has great tips for optimizing your shop for the holidays and could come in handy as the holiday traffic starts to pick up. Thanks!

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Well said, Huggable. There's no real pattern to the amount of visits I can discern. Feels like we are flying blind.
WOW......I thought I would get some kind of response :(
HUggable, have you gone back to compare this June with last June to see if your sales are up? That would really be the only true comparison to how you are doing this season.
Only 7 times better than last June...
Jana I can't compare my sales last June to this year as I really wasn't putting the proper effort into my shop until Christmas shopping season. So I don't think it would be a fair comparison but my sales are way up compared to last June.
And they may continue to climb, huggable, if you just keep at it. I didn't really start seriously working my shop until the end of 2009 and I've seen an increase in sales each year and I do compare the same months this year to the previous year as that's how it's usually done in retail. June started out super slow but thanks to the sales I received today, I have actually doubled my sales compared to last June.
Yes, there are changes on Etsy but there are also changes with Google. We just have to keep plugging away and researching so we can adapt to those changes because they certainly aren't going to change anything back.
I actually compared last June to this year, and my sales were much better last year than this year. This year I have more views but lousy sales. I have been tweaking (I am sure I could use more help with my SEO) and promoting but not seeing much right now.
Thanks for your post OP. I hope someone from Admin. chimes in............
My views are a bit down, but my sales are just fine and better than last June. So, I don't worry TOO much about the drop in views......

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