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Receiving convos with promos

Receiving convos with promos: How do you feel about that?

It just happened to me (again): a seller i had in my faves sent me a convo with special promos and blahblah. When i told her that it was spam she said that it wasn't and when i copied her the DOs and DONTs lines where it says that IT IS SPAM she replied that *I* need a holiday, and no matter how i tried to make her understand that it's wrong and against the etsy rules to convo who faved your shop with unsolicited messages, she treated me like i'm the biggest hysterical on earth XD
because you know, ALL the other she convoed were perfectly fine with that, and so kind, plus many others do that! i just hope she understood at last.

my other question is: shouldn't we be more 'harsh' toward these people and report them and just spread the idea that IT'S NOT GOOD TO DO THAT?
i know many don't report such convos, for lazyness or to not being labeled as a****es, but that's leading to more and more people using such promotional methods.
I don't know what about you, but i don't really want to see my convo box overfloaded with messages i don't really care about -__-

that's it, i'm curious to understand what's the general attitude towards this phenomenon.

for those who don't know, here's what's said in the DOs & DONTs:
>> You must not use Conversations to send unsolicited advertising or promotions, requests for donations or "spam."
>> If someone hearts your shop/item to mark it as a Favorite, that is not an invitation to send a Conversation to that person.

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I always let them know it is against the rules, and that they could be reported for it.

I don't like getting them at all.
I usually don't respond to those, but they do irk me too!
I have thought about politely telling the seller sending promo convos that its against the rules, but did not want to create a problem with someone.
i'm clearly too bad :P i think they should know the rules already since once you open a shop or account on etsy you abide to them.
anyway what i didn't like was that once i told her it was spam and against the rules she implied i was overreacting because everyone sends convo like that and it was the first time for her.
i didn't attact her or threw words at her.. just told her she risks to get her shop closed.
can report to
if you want to talk to me fine...sell to

if its a scam
I don't like this kind of convos, it IS spam.
Everything that is unsolicited is, sometimes we can accept it (live a convo that says you are in a treasury) because it is free promotion for our shop, but sometimes we don't.

Once it happened to me that iI faved 5 different objects in a shop and I received FIVE convos with offers and an invite to subscribe a newsletter etc..
The first was OK, although annoying, the second bothered me a lot, the third, fourth and fifth were too much. I wrote kindly and politely (Ok, since English is not my first language I'm not 100% sure not to have been rude, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't) to che seller that it was spam and that at least one convo was enough. She treated me like I was crazy.

The point is that if you use aggressive marketing tecniques, send spam, go against the rule, and invade other people life, when someone point this out to you just APOLOGIZE. Don't attack.
I do think Etherealflower is right.
And she said that politely the first time, it is just the seller that became abusive (that she had to take an holiday, that she was hysterical..)
Really bad.

Lisa: thanks for the links! :)
I receive them all the time....specials, promos and donations.
Just report them to Etsy
It is their responsibility to abide by the Dos and Donts of this website if they are a part of it.
If I have added that seller to my circle, I delete them.
i delete the convo....and the heart or whatever.....

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