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Anyone else not liking the new search options?

Here is a problem. I forgot the name of a shop, but remember that it starts with the word "bohemian". I go to the "new" search for items and shops search box at the top of the page and type in "bohemain". Every item and shop containting the word "bohemain" comes up. Here lies the problem. There are no options to seperate items from store names. I now have to surf a sea of listings of "bohemian114,395 items" to perchance stumble upon the shop that I was originally looking for. How is this better? How will anyone be able to find a shop here on etsy?

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I do not like the preset filters. I get items that ship to the US. What about the sellers that will ship if requested?

Track me, collate me, segregate me, spy on me, categorize me, BUT try as they might, a computer cannot read my mind:/
oy vey!
I think more thought should have been put into this before implementing it.
going to start a thread to see if anyone likes anything about it.
Another hate vote here.
I just went to Etsy's home page and typed in carolsglasscreations and hit the search button.

Two of my items come up (I have many more sets of beads than that).

There is a question "Did you mean carolsglasscreations?"

I hate it for many good reasons. This is just one of them.
There is another thread in bugs going on this one where admin has addressed a few issues on the subject. If you are doing a search for your shop and it is not showing, if only a few of your items are coming up or if you have any other feedback concerning this feature, please contact admin here.
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:56pm Jun 29, 2012 EDT
Not a fan either. Who exactly are all these people who never used the drop down menu? I used it constantly! I agree with bluemarblebeading that being able to separate items from shops was great. Now if you don't have/know the exact name of the shop you will have to spend an hour searching through a huge list. The saying applies here....."if it ain't broke, don't fix it"

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