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Stencil/Spray Beginner Seller

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24 inches times 20 inches = 480 square inches
480 square inches times 50 cents per square inch = $240.00

it would be more reasonable to add up the cost of a canvas plus the cost of paint and other supplies used to get a cost.
then your time times an hourly rate.

then compare the 2 figures and make a corporate decision! want to be paid fairly for your work, yet you don't want to price yourself out of the market.
The main objective is to SELL!!
Yeah, 240 is Definitely too much.
If I said I I've just made a canvas (60cmx50cm / 24inchx20inch) which I used 8 different spray colours. Each can costs £4.25. The canvas itself only cost £2.00. It's taken me all in all collectively about 48 hours here and there to finish it.
If I were to say 8 x 4.25 = 34 x 2 = 64. 64 seems slightly steep for wholesale before even coming to retail... so say I cut it down to 30 then x2 which would be 60.
Does that sound reasonable?
you are the only one who can decide what is reasonable.

time..."48 hours here and there" does not tell you the time spent on the piece.
Here and there can mean anything...does that mean that you spent a total of 3 hours working on the piece over 2 days? If so, the time is 3 hours, not 48 hours.
and the cost of paint will depend on the amount USED...not the amount purchased.....Are your cans still half full?...if so, then the cost of paint used is half of what you spent.

It's time to do some math
There's no need to post the same question in both the Help and Business forums.

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