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What Pin? Email...

I received an email written yesterday instructing me to send a pin to a different address rather than the one that the email was from....

First of all, I had no sale yesterday of a pin, second, there is no notice in my paypal account.

The addresses given are only street addresses, no cities.

Does this strike anyone else as odd?

Oh, and the language was a bit stilted, like English was not their first language.

What I did: I wrote 'her' back, said I had no order, no money from paypal and did not send to other addresses by request of someone other than the card holder, the address had to match the address on the paypal account.

Do you think I actually sold a pin and the 'paperwork' is lost in space? She gave me no item listing or number or description?
Where else would I look besides etsy, my email account (which she used), and paypal for a lost order?
I am a bit stumped here.

I hate to yell 'scam' right off the bat...

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That is very odd. I suppose you'll have to wait to hear back from her. If you don't, that should tell you something!
I was gone yesterday and didn't check my email. I haven't heard back from her yet but I can't find an order in my sold link, nothing in paypal, nothing in my email notifications...I have no idea where else to look.
Sounds scammy to me. I have received a few totally fake Paypal payment emails written in poor english in the past. If its not in my Paypal account, it didn't get purchased.
I did actually have someone send me an email about an item she had 'purchased'. I had no reccord of it. I too was confused. As it turned out the lady had put the item in her cart and started to check out, but never finished the process.

Once I emailed with her it became clear all that had happened was she hadn't actually purchased the item. She did go on to purchase it, everything when fine from there.

So, Sue, I think you did the correct thing in email 'her' back. If you never hear from her again, you know it was a scam.
PurpleBerryInk may have something there Sue.

I had a woman who thought she purchased, but apparently hadn't finished the last step to checking out. You might want to also send her another note letting her know that you don't ship to an address that isn't listed in PayPal and checked at the time of purchase......just in case she does want to complete the purchase.

I've had customers ask to ship to another address as well. I just tell them they have to add that name to their account in PayPal prior to their purchase.....then check that addy for shipping. If they are honest they shouldn't have a problem with doing that.

Good luck, I hope it gets sorted out.
It just baffled me because I couldn't find a record of it anywhere and I went through and counted my pins and they were all there.

I did ask her in the email to provide me with a listing number, asked her if it was still in her cart, if she bought from a different shop owner and did tell her I ship only to the verified paypal address.

The whole thing was weird, I went back after I started this thread and she emailed me at 4:30 AM yesterday! That's an early bird! (I know lots of people shop through the night, me included)
Sue--but but but--it may not have been 4:30 her time! She could be anywhere!! :-)
I know that, but, but, but....if she really bought the pin, paypal and etsy are open 24 hours a day, just like 7-11. ;^))
LOL.....but, but, but, hope you hear back. I always hate when stuff like that happens. :o)

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