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"Your Etsy Bill"

We've all been talking about how much sales have dropped off lately.
I received my etsy bill this morning and it is 30% less than last month.

If you compare this months bill to last months bill, did yours go up, down, or stay pretty much the same?
(No exact details/$$ amount required)

Mine is down by 30%

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Have you compared your bill to last June ???
Well, I don't have to look at the Etsy bill to know that I have sold much more then last year June :o)
I received my bill this month and it was up compared to last month, due to the fact of listing more items. It was about 15% more.
You also want to see how much of it was transaction fee vs. listing fee. I know its only 20 cents, but it does add up if you add a lot of new items, or (as in my bath shop) prices are pretty low.
My bill was significantly less than last June (like 1/10 the amount) but that's because last June I got a HUGE sale. I don't expect to sell that amount for a long time yet to come. My sales are starting to pick up a bit for this year, though, just like they did last year at this time.
Down a bit from last June. But, June is generally slow for me. July, on the other hand, is usually my best month. We'll see what this year brings! :)
"Last June" is irrelevant to my question.


I just thought it would interesting to see how everyone's *this* months bill compared to *last* months bill.

Carry on...
Mine is up from last June. But I have slowed down the last week or two because we've had a funeral, graduations and house guests this month.
my bill is up 15% from June. But my June bill was 60% less than my May bill. Summers are just crazy...can't really predict them. I'm just happy I am up from last year.

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