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editing after changing currency put prices up instead of down

Not sure if this is a bug or if I'm losing my mind!

Most of my meerkats were $40. I changed currency to £ which made them become £26.

BUT I wanted them to be £25, same as in another outlet.

so I manually altered them from £26 to £25. That's DOWN, right?

Yet when I switched my viewing currency (I don't mean I switched what they're selling in, just viewing, so I could see what the Americans would see) the price had gone UP to $40.24

How can that be? I'd just dropped the price by £1, which resulted in the $$ price going up by 24cents.

what's going on?

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Audrey avatar Admin
Hi Heather,

Can you give me a couple examples of which items this is affecting? Thanks,

It's pretty consistent AudMod. Most of them were $40 I think, for instance:

When I changed to £££ just now all the $40 kats became £26, then editing the price down resulted in them going up. All I can think is that it's to do with the rounding. maybe they'd been rounded up, then my manual adjustment changed that. pretty weird though - especially as I'd just proudly told facebook that many prices would have dropped...oops!
no ideas then? maybe it's not a bug after all.
Could it by coincidence be that Paypal changed the currency exchange rate right about the time you put them down to £25? The $ will continue to change remember.
Exchange rate changes?

whoops, tina beat me to it.
maybe. whatever it was, it led to a heck of a lot of manual editing!

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