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Search Ads - What counts?

Can someone tell me what counts as a sale from a search ad? Do they have to purchase right away? Can they save it as a favorite and buy it later in the day? What counts?

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I would think when it shows up as "Revenue" at the bottom of your Shop Stats, where it has your Search Ad stats?


I agree with Anita! They don't have to purchase right away, a lot of people don't, I often don't. People like to shop around, so things can be favorited or sit in a cart for a day or more.

Hope this helps and congrats on the sale!
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Inactive Etsy Member 6:56pm Jul 3, 2012 EDT
I would think that a cookie would be applied to the customer that clicks initially on a search ad that lasts for a certain amount of time (some sites save the cookie for 24 hours, others longer for 30 days).

Then if the potential customer comes back to the shop or item that initially was clicked and does the purchase, the sale would count for the search ad revenue.

That makes sense to me, not sure if that is what Etsy does however...

→ Michael Taylor
I was hoping for a more definite answer. I like to know where my sales are coming from especially when I am paying to promote my shop. If they don't have to purchase right away what is the time frame for which etsy would count it under the "revenues" in the shop stats for the ad? What if they didn't favorite your item or your shop but the came back to your shop by memory and purchased a few days or weeks later? Would the "revenues" for the search ad be updated to reflect that sale or not?
I'd also like to know if it counts as a sale if they click through to my shop instead of that advertised item and purchased something else.
I have started search ads about 2 months ago.
During the last 30 days I had 8 969 total views, from which 163 views came from search ads, for which I spent 17.23 dollars. it makes about 10 cents per click. From all the orders I had no one was made through search ads.
I am not sure if it really works other than giving more money to Etsy.
P.S. I was also renewing and listing at least 10 items a day.
Vio, that's why I'd like to know exactly what counts. I get sales during the periods that I run search ads but they don't show up under revenues so I can't figure out if it's actually the search ads working or if I would have gotten those sales anyways.
Sweet Figments,
i also noticed that. If I don't ruin search ads, my items don't show up in the search at all and not at all in wedding categories. But when I do search ads, I get some views from that and no sales, but my overall views increase and sales too. That's so weird! I don't know what to think. Also, it is high season for wedding accessories, so my sales might have increased because of that, and I also list a lot of new items almost every other day.
Yesterday I was looking for "crystal brooch", hoping to see items from my other shop DIYBrideBoutique, but none showed up. Then I added the tag "crystal Brooch" to my search ads and re-searched for it, and immediately it was on the first page, but not in the "sponsored" section at the top. What is that? I just can't figure it out. By the way, in my other shop I had 2 sales from search ads, but within one month I paid more for those ads then what I earned from those 2 sales, also, renewing 10 items per day.

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