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Dealing with a seller who claims an item I did not receive was delivered

I don't wish to discuss any particular shop but need some advise & information.

An item I bought was never received so after several messages with the seller, which meant I missed the 60 day limit for Paypal, I reported a non-delivery through Etsy. Etsy handled the situation and after many back & forths eventually forced the seller to refund me. The seller then made a Paypal payment to me for the amount. It was not a lot of money - not an expensive order.

Now the seller is contacting me again, a month or so after the case was closed by Etsy with a letter from their post office stating the items was delivered. I most certainly did not receive it! When I contacted my own post office with the registration details for the item back in April, it only had info that the package was at Heathrow - and according to this letter, the item was delivered on the 29th of March. How could it apparently have been delivered to me, and yet still be at Heathrow customs several weeks later according to the tracking?

I'm very concerned about this. I buy from Etsy all the time and never had such problems. I'm obviously upset this seller is still contacting me regarding this when Etsy closed the case. What do I do? Just ignore any further convos? Have you had any similar experiences?

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Inactive Etsy Member 5:36am Jul 5, 2012 EDT
I would suggest you ask them to stop contacting you about this matter. The case is closed- literally! If they continue, it could be considered harassment. Regardless of what the post office says, YOU say you did not receive the item, and they should not be making an enormous fuss about it. Shrink is part of owning a business and they should be accounting for it.
The case is closed. You can write and tell buyer to have no more contact with you and they must obey the request.
I am both seller and buyer. I once had a package that said was deliver to me but was not. The seller replaced the items, and about two months later the original package showed up tattered but items still fine. I wrote and told the seller what happened and paid for those items. It was jewelry and something I didn't mind have doubles.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:39am Jul 5, 2012 EDT
I would tell the seller that you did not receive the item and request that he / she not contact you again regarding the closed case. If they contact you again, then report them to Etsy admin.
Tell them to stop contacting you and if they continue, report it as harrassment to Etsy.

I had a lot of items say they were delivered to me according to tracking, but I never got them. I still don't know what happened, but most of the orders were replaced. I think it was the post office's fault anyway, so a letter claiming it was delivered means nothing. I didn't get what I paid for, the situation was rectified, end trans. That's the way it should be imho.
Hi Amber & Lise, thanks for writing. I am the buyer in this matter btw. I would NEVER do this to one of my buyers!

This is not a small seller either, they sell a LOT. So yes, they should certainly be accounting for this sort of loss. Also, I don't understand why they have so much time to continue on about this. I'm a small seller here, and I don't have time to deal with this. Plus I account for the possibility of such losses.

Do you think I should explicitly state 'Do not contact me further about this matter'? I did state that I considered the matter to be closed.
Hi Chanchala, are you saying the tracking states it is STILL at Heathrow

If the seller has tracking (and you have been fully refunded) then I am quite sure it will eventually be returned to them, so I would imagine it is of no concern of yours now.

If Customs messed up and didn't inform you of the whereabouts of your parcel, then you are both understandably agrieved

The seller is probably thinking you are tying it on (not that you are) I can see there has been a mix up, and maybe just maybe you could contact Customs on her behalf and locate this package stating return to sender

Just message her one more time (with your findings-or not) and ask her to cease contact as you can report her to etsy and her internet service provider to receive no further communication
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:46am Jul 5, 2012 EDT
Yes, you should tell the seller to stop contacting you. I believe you have to request that someone stop contacting you before you can report them for harassment.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:47am Jul 5, 2012 EDT
wait a minute? etsy FORCED a seller to refund because a seller couldnt prove delivery? that isnt supposed to happen at all. etsy is just a venue, and etsy has never required to see proof of delivery when a non-delivery report is filed
Thank you. I thought I was going crazy to have a parcel that apparently was delivered to me that I most certainly did not receive! Good to know others have had similar experiences of claims that something was delivered when it wasn't!

I woke up to messages from them the last two days, and it upset me quite a bit.

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