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Direct Traffic - How to tell where it came from?

I have had an unusual amount of direct traffic today. I am curious as to why and where it came from. It says these links can come from twitter and other sources. Is there any way to search twitter to find the source.....if this is the source.

Thanks for your help and happy 4th!

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I dont think so, but if anyone knows for sure, I would like to know too!!
I would like to know this too.
It is when someone clicked on a link in a email , twitter or link in another page or typed in your URL web address.
I think they can come from Pinterest, too. Not sure if there is a way to find the exact source though.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:51 pm Jul 4, 2012 EDT
Most of my Pinterest views show up as direct traffic. I saw a lot of your peacock feathers on Pinterest when I did a search. Maybe someone with a lot of followers pinned one of your items today. Beautiful shop by the way!
Maybe the Traffic Director will chime in.....

Look for the fellow with white gloves!
I'm, wish I had some white gloves...that would be sweet!

Hey Amanda, for Direct Traffic, it's from people who typed your URL into their browser, bookmarked your page, or clicked a link in an email, instant message, or twitter client.
Marie, thanks for posting!
do you have google analytics set up??

if you don't, get it set up, and it'll give you a more detailed look at your traffic sources

ETA, you'll also need to remember that sometimes it'll show you how people got to etsy, so be prepared for some really strange keywords to show up every now and then

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