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soo many ideas bursting in my brain!!!

oh my gosh, I have so many ideas that I keep thinking of I can't keep them all straight! I'm so excited I feel like my brain is overflowing with new ideas but don't have the time to get to everything yet!
I just wanted to hear from other passionate people how much you love your craft! Tell me what makes you tick! :D

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oops I posted in the wrong forum, sorry but I got ahead of myself :/
That is exactly how I felt three years ago when I decided that I was going to do something creative for a living. That decision came first, then I had to figure out exactly what that "thing" was!

I still have a file folder about 3 inches thick, stuffed full of sketches and ideas. When time permits, I am planning to open a few more shops. :)
I can so relate!!! It's a blessing and a curse.... a blessing to be bubbling with so many ideas, and a curse that there will never be enough time to do it all! :)

Be sure to write your ideas down!
Jennifer~ I love that you have a file folder with ideas and sketches. I was just looking at some sketches the other day that were a few years old.... and I'm still dying to do them!! :D
i do, I end up finding notes everywhere, in the car, on coupons, etc. lol
Rhonda, I honestly have vague plans for at least 10 more shops here on etsy. I love jewellery, but every once in a while, I start dreaming of my paper shop, my crochet shop, my handmade supplies shop. I just have WAY too many interests.
I'm also constantly looking around the house for stuff to sell on ebay to fund my purchases for supplies on etsy till I start gaining some sales
On coupons!?! Well I sketched on my church bulletin.... during the service!!

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