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Need help with convo rules

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I actually stopped favoring things because I got so many "deal" convos for like 2 months. I started doing it again and thankfully have not had the emails again, seems like etsy started cracking down a bit.
It's best to have customers opt in to a newsletter.
ETSY should turn into a marketplace that all the sellers shout at the top of their lungs! It's so annoying!
Sorry, but no type of direct promotion is allowed unless it has been asked for,

In some cases sellers have asked if the buyer; when sending an email or convo regarding a sale, would like to be on a mailing list or newsletter type of thing. If the buyer indicated that they would, then it is OK to send them this. Otherwise, leave them alone.
A useful thing to do is read Etsy's terms of use and dos and don'ts.
I kinda agree with SherbettyShopee. I joined ETSY because I wanted to sell crafts and have craft people to reach out to. I live 3-1/2 miles out a dirt road in a secluded valley that has about 400 residents. It is harsh here. With one income, the price of gas precludes any haring around to 'visit'. I was doing craft fairs, then had to take care of my mom. That was a full time job. I convo'd a heart a thank you, THEN read the dos & donts and almost had a heart attack. I do not like to be in trouble, and my only motive was to build up some contacts with shops I really like, not just build a circle base of anybody. If you go to chit chats on teams, nobody posts. It's all about sales. Yes, I want sales. But I would also like to 'meet' people and not feel inhibited. If you send a thank you and they don't respond, you know they don't want anymore contact. 'Thank Yous' are common courtesy, and in my opinion, the world could use a little more of it. Ok, I'm off the soap box now. Thank you for listening! (reading) ;)
Carol--The main forums used to have a place to promote, a place to chat... but they shunted all that off the main area to teams. If you're just looking for friendly place to chat try this team:

The reason it's against the rules to contact everyone who hearts your shop/item--I've got 33 *pages* of item hearts & *127* pages of shops I hearted... imagine if I got a message from every seller...

Wow, I had no idea. I've never done this myself but I have a lot of people send me convo's thanking me for hearting and offering sales or discounts.....hmmmm didn't know it was spam! Good to know :)

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