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selling nazi items?

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He's just as shiny as a seal, and such an intelligent pup face.
Well it's Etsy's party and they get to refuse admittance to Nazis and Hello Kitty.
MABby, thanks, he *is* pretty smart and 75 lbs of affectionate lap dog. That's a bed from Etsy he's reclining on.
satanica batcakes from BatcakesCouture says
"Hitler's art totally sucked. It was soooo boring and he had no command of his watercolors."
I didn't say they were good, I try not to think in subjective terms. I said they were pleasant. And they were.

Nothing objectionable and certainly as 'good' as most of the fine-art being sold on Etsy. (Damn I miss Brendan).

My point is if I listed a "Bland Fruit Bowl On Table in Watercolor" By Adolph Hitler on my shop would that be permitted?

That painting wouldn't make anyone hate the jews. Being only fruit, I suspect it's even Kosher.

What I'm wondering is if the proscription against items that promote hate refers only to items that actively do so or is anything that someone might interperet as promoting hate banned?

Because I'm certain there are people who are offended and alarmed whenever they even see the words Hitler or Nazi regardless of the context.

Would a vintage history book, written by an Israeli scholar, about the rise of the Nazi party be banned? A biography about Hitler?

At some point we are no longer stopping the spread of hatred and we are actively silencing discourse to appease the sensibilities of the timid.

Like it really pissed me off that by the end of the Harry Potter series even Harry was referring to Voldemort as 'He who shall not be named'.
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