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loopy from loopyboopy says
Us debating the story is useless. I hope the OP can get some help.

The real issue we all should be seeing is the lack of customer service Etsy provides its users. Its a damn shame, the OP has to come here to try to get a response.




Glad to see the OP is getting finally some help, but too bad it came to this kind of desperation.

Actual *support* is in order on a site this big.
thank you oumaporn!

yes, I am speaking to etsy admin now!

no worries, friend :)
Email confusion happens all the time, some of us have to have so many accounts its hard to keep track of them. Its just a fact of life. Etsy cannot rely on the email notifications.

I went months here without getting an email from Etsy...talked with tech people they never ever could figure it out and I had to open an new email just to get Etsy information. had they closed my shop during that time because of my email trouble. I'd be this OP too.

phone, live chat something needs to happen
It would be helpful in cases such as this, if we were given an option to register an alternate email address on our account, like a gmail or yahoo. I think most of us have them for use on some sites where we'd prefer not to use our main email addy, so that at least contact is possible.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:19 pm Jul 18, 2012 EDT
OhFaro says
Actual *support* is in order on a site this big.


^^^^This Exactly!
Hi there,

I can certainly understand wanting clarification. Unfortunately, the public Forums are not the medium for the discussion of private matters, such as account details and specific transaction disputes. I see you have contacted Etsy Support, and I see that they have responded. Please follow though with Support to resolve the issues. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks very much!

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