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Business Cards

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:40 pm Jul 19, 2012 EDT
From time to time I've seen threads on here about people that know great sites to make your own business cards, usually with your first use they offer some sort of deal, etc.

Can I get some of these sites? I think the time has come!

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I use Vista print and love them. Some people also love Moo Cards (but I find them pricey). I uploaded my own design to Vista Print; I haven't used their premade cards. The quality on my items was perfect.
Vistaprint is great if you're looking for really cheap. Now that I have my own logo and card design I use
Vistaprint, for sure! Great site!!
Another vote for Vistaprint. :)
I also use Vista and have tried Moo. Yes Vista is really cheap "in price" they still provide a well made card. On the other hand if you don't want to look like every one else on lay out I'd pay the extra amount to customize. As you can see in my card holders I "have sadley" not upgraded to a custom card. Times are a changin though.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:52 pm Jul 19, 2012 EDT
Yeah, I think I'll go with Vista. I want to use them for packaging more than anything else, the Moo Mini's are so cute but too rich for my blood!
I've used Vistaprint and Moo and I greatly prefer Moo. I love their mini-cards. :)
Vista print may be cheap in price (sometimes) but their quality, in my opinion, is very good. My business cards and other items have gotten a lot of compliments; they are thick, sturdy and the ink colors are great.

they usually have a deal where you can get 250 or $10 or even some free ones but the free ones have their logo on the back. So, if you just want to verify their quality, get the free ones to see how you like them and then order the ones you want on thicker card stock, etc.

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