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Confused on this please help

I had an order for one of my canisters set to a buyer and I shipped it out thought done deal and then I had another person contact me and said this

I just now learned when I looked on my Etsy page that you were not going to be able to fill my order from a couple of weeks ago. I have been looking in the mail every day. Why couldn't the order be filled - was the item already sold? Is there a reason I didn't receive an email telling me the order couldn't be filled?

Now this is not the same person different names How could this happen isnt an item that is bought removed from the listing how could he order this item after someone bought it.

I Am so confused ETSY did not contact me with the problem and maybe I could of did something for him and I feel so bad he was looking for a order he thought he bought and never received. I absolutely am trying to make it right but ETSY should of been more proactive with this with me so I could of sent him a personal letter from me explaining what happened.

Anyone know how this could of happened could they have ordered it at the exact same time what are the chances of that happening.

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oh no, sounds like a problem for admin to start looking into.

I would apologize to the first customer and offer a discount on something else from your shop, if they'd like.

You should be getting notifications from BOTH etsy and Paypal (if you're on Paypal). Maybe the guy is mistaken? Have him check his orders?

I'm guessing he thought he bought it, but never finished the payment process.
Does this person show up in your sold order section? Did they reference an invoice when they contacted you? Is it possible that they thought they had fully checkout out, but didn't actually complete the process? If an item is sold, it is immediately sent to your sold out section unless you have multiple of that item listed, or you physically relist it yourself.
never mind
Did you have a quantity of more than 1 listed for that item?
Check your Sold Items to see if the same item appears there as sold twice.
Not sure what happened here, but it sounds like maybe the person who contacted you mistakenly thinks they placed an order.

Here is what you might do to try to figure this out:

Search your sold items for their username.

If you don't find an order under their name, let them know you are sorry, but you don't see where they ordered from you. Ask them to send their PayPal (or other) receipt and/or the link to the order under their etsy purchases.

Good luck!
If there is no order in your sold items section from the first customer, they probably attempted to make the purchase but somehow didn't complete it.

They should check their Paypal/credit card, and they will probably not find a payment to you.
I have had that happen before too. Several times actually. Most of the time it was a customer that thought they had purchased my listing, but actually bought it from someone else.
My day job is with an ecommerce website, and this happens all of the time there. It's usually with people who aren't familiar with the online checkout process.

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