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My Old Shop Name Under My Avatar

I tried to delete my name in Profile and now my old shop name is there. I want either a blank or my name, but not my old shop name. Can admin please assist? I contacted Etsy this morning and no one gets back. I've tried the conventional way to re insert my name and it's not working...Thanks

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Any advice appreciated.. " )
If it is what I think it is, it will eventually go away. When you change your shop name the old one stays displaying for I think 45 days . This so previous buyers can reference your shop and know you are the same one they previous bought from or were browsing through..

To change your shop name go to Your Shop>Info & Appearance , in the first tab at the top you'll see Shop Name>Change. Click on Change, then you'll be able to change your shop name. Keep in mind that you can only do this one time! If you need to change it a second time, it will need to be reviewed internally.

Hope this helps!
I don't want to change my shop name.....I already did that months ago, on the first day we were allowed to. My problem is I was trying to delete my name under my avatar and when I did that, my old shop name popped up there and I can't get my name to go back. I've gone in profile and typed in my name and it says my edits were saved, but when I look at my avatar it still says mybeadcreations which was my old shop name. I just want to either put my personal name in there, or my current shop name is fine too....just NOT mybeadcreations! Thanks
I've tried editing it numerous times but still not working...anyone else have any ideas? I'm really sick of looking at my old shop name where it shouldn't be...just want to go back to normal.. " )

Unfortunately you can't change your Username, you can however change your Full Name. You can read more details on how to do that in this article:

How do I change or remove my from public display?

Let us know if you have additional questions on how to do this in Site Help. Since this is not a bug, I will move this over to Site Help now.

It seems like it is a bug. If she deletes her full name shouldn't it read "YummyPleasures from YummyPleasures", rather than displaying her old shop name? It seems she has already done the name removal and the wrong thing is appearing.
Yes, thanks for explaining that old shop name should be dead and buried, not showing up in my feedback and name slot.
Leslie, I really think it's a bug for me. I just went in and tried one more time and it is NOT changing when I type my name in. Can Etsy change it from their end? I just want to remove mybeadcreations, that's all. Thanks for any help you can give me

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