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Back To School Sale or Summer Sales

Do back to school or summer sales help stats? What is better to do; lower prices or providing a coupon code?

I would love your opinions

Thanks for your help!

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*jumps up and down* only 30 more days til the kids go back to school!!!! yippee!!

i have no idea if either of those help stats but you never know until you try. whether you lower prices or offer a coupon is entirely up to you. offering a coupon code would be easier than changing all your prices for the sale, and then changing them back afterward. it depends how many items you have of course.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:13pm Jul 23, 2012 EDT
I am going to go with a back to school sale. I am still running my CIJ one for now so I may wait for a bit before I go for another sale. I haven't had too much luck with a general summer sale in the past.
My baby isn't in school yet, so I am not experiencing that excitement yet :)

I have tried the coupon code and its funny because I got orders during that time and most people did not even acknowledge the coupon code.

Who knows I may give it a go
It always works best to make it simple for your customers ..lower the prices for them. is simple app that can help you do this very thing.
Awesome tip Pixiebell. Thank you!
Just set up a sale, so we will see what happens
I have some Hats for Back to School!!! I would say more Back to School or Fall Sales!!! But this year many will go back to school during the summer! Here we go!!!
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:44pm Jul 23, 2012 EDT
30 days til the kids go back to school? Mine goes back next week!!!!
School starts here in 3 weeks. It used to be my favorite time of the year, but my kids have been taking half of their classes online and at a local community college, so it's kinda always school. I do like the routine that getting up and GOING to school gives them tho.

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