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Stripped all of my titles down to nothing and now I am instantly higher in search! What??

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Inactive Etsy Member 8:50pm Jul 22, 2012 EDT
I took my 1000 embroidery listings down to the bare minimum titles which includes just three tags and within 10 minutes I bounced up in the search results. All of my titles are temporarily the same. I have been trying for months to tweek tags and titles with no change. Why in the world would doing this make me move up? Do other words actually bring a listing down in search results? I am at a loss.

Results before and after:
embroidery designs - not found in first 25 pages - now on page 9
machine embroidery - not found in first 25 pages - now on page 18
embroidery pattern - found on page 4 before - now on page 1

I realize that I need to add to my titles which would make my listings found in other searches, but I have no idea where to start since apparently adding to my titles will bring my listings down in the main searches!

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:Maybe it depends on the size of the search? I tried that once and it didn't seem to help at all.

I'd leave some of your items with the really short titles and make some of them much more broad. Keep mixing it up. Since you have 1000 listings, you should be able to cover all kinds of titles and tags (short, long, all 13 tags, only a few tags, etc...)
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:58pm Jul 22, 2012 EDT
I have did a variety of changes, including the ones you mentioned to my shop within the last few months and nothing changed.

Do you mean that you stripped your titles and you saw no change?

There has to be something in the extra words in the title that drug my listings down, but I did not think that other words actually hurt a listing when it had the matching relevant title and matching tag.
The problem is they won't show on google shopping, as they are all the same, so look like duplicates...
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:01pm Jul 22, 2012 EDT
Yes, I understand that, but what I am questioning is the etsy search.
I asked the same question a few days ago when I came across a seller with over 5,000 listings and all of the jewelry listings were all the same 3-4 words: Old Vintage Earrings", "Old Vintage necklace" "old Vintage Brooch" etc...
There were ZERO tags, other than the top category and a sub and just a few words in the description.
The only thing I could figure is that the high number of listings and the high number of re-listings were adding in some way to the item relevance. This shop owns 25% of all vintage jewelry listings.
That is a totally different thing... as you obviously know...
Actually yes, "bad" tags will drag your listing down in relevancy.
The way Uncljohn explained it to me is that a "good" double word tag has more value than a "good" single word tag, BUT a bad double word tag is much worse than a bad single word tag.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:09pm Jul 22, 2012 EDT
SEO for google will probably present another problem when I start adding words.

Wow! No tags. That is odd. The high number of listings could factor in somehow, but I added embroidery designs late last year, and have had constant relevancy problems that just kept getting worse the more I tweaked my title and tags.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:11pm Jul 22, 2012 EDT
But how do you know it is bad? If it doesn't rank high in that specific search term?

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