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Just got a package returned

I shipped a package last week and it was just returned to me today. The package was destroyed and was clearly opened. I tape over the entire labele except for the bar code. Yo can see where someone cut the tape over the address and ripped it off. Everything inside is fine. I am wondering if I can get my shipping payment back as it was never delivered and I now have to spend the money to re ship. It was shipped USPS.

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What was the reason it was returned? If it was unclaimed or refused, you probably can't get your money back. Unless it was insured they probably won't pay for the damage. If there was no logical reason it should have been sent back, you can bring it in it's current packaging back to the PO and get them to "endorse" it and send it back free of charge.
Was there a stamp on it from USPS as to what the problem was?

If the address is correct, I do believe you can ship without having to pay again.

Check with your post office.
It was sent back because the address was ripped off and they didn't know who to ship to. This was done in transit.
was it a domestic package? did customer refuse package? I'd think you need to go to your po and find out what happened and contact customer also. Sorry this happened.
Ah, well you can always try, but I think they'll say that they're not responsible and make you pay to ship it again.
I paid for postage online. Don't know if that makes a difference as to who to contact. The tracking number says it was scanned in Atlanta. That's it. Now I have it back.
Could the tape have been cut going through a scanning or sorting machine? And then the label ripped?
I think I would check again with the buyer too and make sure the address is correct and let them know what has happened. How odd this is. So the mailing address was totally destroyed? It is definitely worth a trip to the Post Office to try and get an explanation.
You have to take it to your local PO and explain what happened. I always use sticky labels because I'm afraid of the untaped barcode area getting ripped. The sticky labels become one with the package (and can get wet).

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