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Questions about Refunds and Shop Policies - Please Help

My friend recently made a large sale to a customer. I helped them ship out the package to make sure none of the parts were missing. We assembled the item IN the box before we sent it as a final check.

The buyer is saying the item does not have all of its parts.

In the Shop Policies it says to contact them if there is an issue upon receiving the package and the only way a refund can be given is if the shop owner made a mistake with the order. But we are worried the only reason the buyer is trying to make a refund is because they kept saying they can find these items cheaper somewhere else.

Does my friend have the right to say "no" to a customer if they want a refund? We know every piece was put into the package.

Also when would my friend be allowed to change the "Refund Policies" to be more specific. We don't want to change it now while there is an open dispute but we have other listings that are "open" right now and we want to be more specific in the policies should something like this happen again.

Thank you for the help.

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Inactive Etsy Member 3:45pm Jul 23, 2012 EDT
Your 'friend' has every right to refuse a refund if they wish, but if the buyer wants a refund they can simply file a claim with paypal or their credit card processor to get a refund.

It would be in your best interest to work with the customer to resolve the problem.
Thank you crochetgal.

When would be be safe to change her Shop Policies?

My friend is working a double at the moment and we are trying to get this resolved asap so I am helping her. I help her with her shop issues since she is new to etsy and I have been on here since 2008. Never had something like this happen before though so I didn't know what advice to give her. I laughed at the 'friend' comment and now see a lot of people use that card in the forums.

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