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Views droped dramatically, does it has anything to do with Olympic Games??

Dear all,

my shop views droped dramatically these two days, doesit has anything to do with the London Olympic Games?? People prefer watch TV and not come online shop??

Do you have the same problem??

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Slow times can be a good opportunity for stocking your shop! Don't forget that the winter holiday's are less than six months away. Maybe start a FB page if you haven't done that already. There's also the About page where sellers can really show off and grab some attention.

You may also find some really good tips from other sellers here: You can also leave your own tips!

Hope this helps!

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I would say it has more to do with it being Summer, the most popular time for Family Vacations...I see that you just opened your shop, when you have been here a few years you will see that sales/ views are always down in July & August..unless you are selling Beach balls...LOL
Mine have actually gone up the last few days. I honestly wonder if there is any connection with anything, at this point. My views go up and down like a yo-yo.
Resin this past week slowed down. Something very important to note is lots of teachers and kids are getting ready for back to school! And yes possibly Olympics. I didn't think that many people were into it but quite a few people were watching. Talking to my aunt she had to get off the phone because she was rushing to an Olympics party.
There are Farmers Markets in every neighboring Town in the Summer, and Craft Shows everywhere...and when on Vacation, everyone loves to visit touristy Boutiques...I was in Montauk this week, and it was very crowded...
I drive by the Premium Outlets stores every day and the Parking lot is FULL to capacity.....huge discount sales! at almost giveaway prices...
This has to tell us something about Internet Marketing right?
So, I never take it personally, or blame is just the way it has always been..
There starting to be lots of threads like this, and yes somethign happened in past 2 days Im having stable large views and they dropped almost half those days, really not normal, and summer have nothing to do with it.
I agree that although my views are low, it has been drastic the last couple of days.
My views have been going up. I have been working on my shop alot and since monday they have been going up.
I think the guys have been testing again? The forums went wacky for awhile early this morning. LOL, the Admin posted they weren't aware of any problems and said it might have been a bad connection. The screen-shot I sent them sure didn't look like a connection problem. Or, maybe I was having a dream?
Same here - slow!!

Personally I wonder if it's because there are 5 weekends in July so those with 2 paychecks may be pinched a little more?

July has been very slow for me and I was guessing because of summer, vacation, and I can't compete with the sales going on by many other sellers - so I take a hit, but the last 2 days have been drastically slow.

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