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Selling Locally

I have sold several items locally and removed them from my listings. I wish there was some way we could buy it ourselves and give you and ourselves the credit. It would also look good on our sales totals. I don't mind paying the small fee for selling it. I went in a few minutes ago and tried to buy it myself, but it would not let me buy from myself. I have sold about 12 pieces since I started that I have had to remove.

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Purplevelvet, why not just create a listing for the item and ask the buyer to purchase it and choose the money order option of payment.
Congratulations on the sales, purplevelvet! It is great that your items are getting international exposure and then selling in your backyard (so to speak)! Most of the ideas I have about this are probably against the spirit of etsy rules. I understand about local customers not wanting to set up an account and go through that whole process when you are essentially standing right there with the item. The same way I am annoyed when a store whats ALL of my contact information when I am purchasing one item, makes me not want to go back to that shop...
I thought I could chose the money order payment and buy it myself, but not so! One of my buyers did not have a computer and some do not like to purchase items from the internet. It would be sort of rude to tell them, "I can't sell this to you here, you will need to go home and set up an account and buy from my shop".
I sold a couple pieces to a lady separately from etsy, but I asked her if she would mind "buying" the item from here. All she had to do was login and click buy, she was paying me by cheque anyway, so she chose cheque as payment method. She didn't mind at all, it only took a few minutes of her time.
I'm sorry, but allowing people to buy from themselves would be an absolute nightmare...

If the person found it on Etsy then they're already online and I don't see how opening an account is that big of an imposition. They don't have to do the payment online and sign up as a buyer is easy.

If they didn't find it on Etsy, but saw it sitting in your living room or something, then it's not really an Etsy sale anyway and you can just take the item down.
StoryBlox, none of these buyers were on line when then purchased. One buyer came by after seeing it on etsy, but would never go on line to purchase anything, because I know her too well! The others were in my home and purchased and was not at a computer. There is no way I would lead them to my computer because it is in my work room and it is a mess! There are jewelry beads boxes and e-bay items everywhere in my work room. The door to my computer/workroom is closed when people come to my house! Everything is pretty organized in the room, but is just cluttered with so much stuff.
If they saw it online first then, technically, etsy should get their cut, it's not like the lady actually has to provide anything but a name and password to etsy ... she wouldn't actually be buying online, only marking the item for purchase... I'd at least TRY to explain that to her, some people are impossible though...buying the item yourself is not a reasonable option though

For the ones that saw it at your house I wasn't intending for you to let them use your computer lol, just 'end' the item in your shop on etsy and hand it to em.
Well, I will just go ahead and remove them as they are sold. I just thought I would be nice and give the percentage on sales to etsy, because it would help my sales score.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:07 pm Jan 21, 2006 EST
if it's important to you, maybe you could include the number or percentage of additonal sales in your store description or on your bio?

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