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Getting Sales.

I have been on Etsy for several months.I have had alot of attention,,traffic,and great feed back in my shop.As a newbe I am always looking to improve.But for all the attention- sales are not happening.Someone said a mix of items confuses people.I have always combined my Vintage and Art (in local shops) -because I paint on both.I have seen shops that sell all the same thing have high sales.Should I shut down because of a combination,and try something else? Any sales ideas-so far my sales have been to family.

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I think your listings could use some work as well as the photos. I could tell you specifically what I think you might want to work on if you'd like to know, but it still won't guarantee sales.

I don't think a mix of items is confusing, but you do need to make sure they are clear and easy to find, and promote outside of Etsy as much as possible.
I have a mixed shop too and would not know why it confuses shop visitors. Because of the sections in the shop they can choose what they want to look at.

Besides that, when you have different kind of items in your shop you will be found better in searches and there is more chance of having multiple sales.
I think your shop is perfectly lovely, your items are sweet and sit well together. You have to give it time, promote and list list list. You have only 16 items in your store and many more would give you extra exposure. Keep positive, have faith in your craft and interests. Read all the information here on Etsy and ask questions. GOOD LUCK.
I don't think your shop is confusing at all in terms of items you have. You only have 16 items though and that will make it very hard for your to get found or even stand out among the tens of thousands like yours.

Many of your photos are very similar. Show your prints at a distance being displayed instead of 5 close photos. Make sure your signs all have measurements - one of them that I looked at had none.

With only 16 items it will take patients and due diligence to get your name out there and become successful. You need to promote your shop heavily off Etsy as well as here. Join a few teams that will benefit you like a critique team and a promotions team. It takes time.
Thank you lovely ladies.I will reveiw all the good input-and continue,add inventory,improve apperance and follow my heart! xo D'Marie
more inventory = more sales. Good luck, nice shop
Hey! I'm not a shop expert or anything, but I noticed a glare in almost every photo. It makes the photos less attractive to me. Shooting new ones without the flash will help big time! Great shop by the way! :)
Thanks Lisa,Thanks Lia!
Also, use spaces in your titles. Words,that are,only separated,by commas.or periods will mess up your SEO

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