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Help with sales

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Inactive Etsy Member 9:38 pm Jul 30, 2012 EDT
Im not making ANY sales. what am i doing wrong?? Ive put alot of time into my shop with wording, photos, started a blog to promote myself...and just dont know what else to do. Im hoping mabey customers are just waiting for cooler weather to buy my crocheted items. Is there any advice?

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Mary, I keep some of my Winter accessories up all Summer, but, generally speaking, all the sales for those items have been to Australia, where it is Winter now. You might want to consider shipping Internationally...
Shipping Internationally will definitely help sales. Most of my best clients are International.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:59 pm Jul 30, 2012 EDT
how do you figure out internat. shipping costs??
Since your items are crocheted and not too heavy, international shipping shouldn't be too expensive. What I do, and I've noticed a lot of sellers do the same thing, is figure out how much it costs to ship something to Australia, then use that for "everywhere else" so you don't have to figure out how much it would cost to send something to every single country.
The majority of my items can be shipped to Australia for $5 or less. It's surprising how easy it is to do, but can definitely be intimidating at first with all the custom forms and such.

Good luck, your shop is very nice and your items are super cute. I'm sure come Christmas you'll be selling stuff so fast your head will spin.
Mary, Use this site:
"Calculate Shipping" you will need to know the exact weight of the packaged item, so you need a Postal Scale..
Looks like all your items could be sent via Air Mail FIRST Class International, for the best rate. You can then bring them to the Post Office..
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:36 am Jul 31, 2012 EDT
Thank you so much for this great advice. I can use all i can get .
Does anyone think i should do or change anything else besides including international shipping?
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:43 am Jul 31, 2012 EDT
International shipping is a biggy, Mary! :) especially for the seasonal items.

Right away I can see that quite a few of your photos need a little work. Have you tried taking pictures of the crocheted items outside in natural light? I like to take my pictures outside around dusk for the best lighting.
Hi Mary :-)
Some of your pictures could do with a little tweaking.
Here the main picture is a very different colour to the other two - as a customer I want to know what I am buying, and here I would not be sure what the actual colour is.

Many of your descriptions are rather minimal. I want to know if the yarn used is wool, acrylic, mixed etc. For some of the listings you don't say what it is made of.

Not many of the hats have pictures of their back views. You have 5 photo slots, so it is good to use them all with pictures of different angles.

I hope that sales pick up for you soon - it is certainly cold enough for woolly hats here in England right now, hehe
Deborah, please send some of that cool weather to Texas.:)

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