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I have zero sales, HELP!

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Totally take Holly's advice. The first thing that popped out at me is how busy your photos are. Try using some natural light to take the photos and make the tags themselves the star of the show.

I second the comments on using more descriptive words in your titles. The pumpkin tags..You should definitely have pumpkin in your title, and thanks. This is also a perfect example of a picture that needs to be reshot as I did not know it said thanks on the bottom until I clicked on the picture.

I also agree with the advice to give more information in your descriptions. The ones I read did not say how big they are.

I would rework your tags too-try to use words that describe what they are and not so much what they are for. I have some tags in my shop, so you are free to check out how I do my tags and titles.
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Inactive Etsy Member 10:59pm Aug 2, 2012 EDT
I don't buy tags as such, but it seems to me that your titles are very generic? If I were looking for Christmas tags, I would search for handmade or hand stamped gift tags Christmas. When I looked through your shop, many titles were identical with no specific. In fact, I didn't know 1 was Christmas until I clicked the picture.

I've always though the first picture should be just the item, then you can show how the rest, but they are hard to see.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:02pm Aug 2, 2012 EDT
A few quick thoughts/impressions:

As others have mentioned, your tags should be the star of the photos with as little (or ideally nothing but a solid color background) else in the image to distract from them as possible.

You have five photo "spaces" available but are using only two (and in some cases, only one). A good idea would be to have one photo showing just ONE tag, with no others around it. After all, that is how your tags will be used (one per item).

A fourth photo idea would be to show one of the tags actually attached to a box, item, or whatever.

Your descriptions gives no size of the tags at all, which is very important information. Shoppers are not going to take the time to convo you to ask "how big are these?" (nor should they have to do so). Each listing should clearly state the height x width of the tag itself.

And lastly, do check your description for spelling and grammar errors.

You have space to use more tags than you are using. For instance, in this listing I would add the following tags to the ones you already have put in:

blue, green, blue and white, bird, inspirational, diecut.

You also have some incorrect tags in the Materials section. The materials that apply to this listing are: paper, cardstock, card stock, ink, ribbon, (whatever material the ribbon is made of). None of the other tags currently in the Materials section are "materials). They are descriptibe terms, not actual materials.

And lastly your title is not optimized for searches. I don't even know if the search engine "sees" numbers that are written with numerals rather than as words. If I were titling this listing it would be something like this:
Handmade Wedding Gift Tags Set of Ten Blue Bird Dream White Green Handstamped Diecut (or Die Cut if that's more correct)

And last, one little quibble: These are technically not OOAK (one of a kind) in the usually accepted sense, and definitely not if you will be offering the same design in these same colors anytime in the future. Any handmade item will vary slightly from another but OOAK usually implies that nothing like it will ever be made again. A more accurate term for your tags would be "original design". :-)

You are fairly new, it takes some time just keep at it.

You have been given alot of great advice, all of which I would have also stated. I think you will do great once you make some of those changes. Your items are great. Also, you talked about not returning custom iitems, but no mention of returns for any other reasons.There are critique teams for this type of thing. Alot of sellers have given alot of good advice tonight, but beware, some people will not want to give critiques here in this forum as this is not where to go fore critiques anymore. Etsy is lots of work,and it takes time to get going, so hang in there.

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