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What is the secret to first page listings?

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I think you are right! I think that there is a "snowball" effect the more views and hearts you get the better your rankings are... and the more views and hearts you get etc...
. So, it might be more than titles and tags in determining internal search relevancy. Just a thought. :-)

There is more, but your items wont get up there without having the titles and tags "relevant"

I personally think it is a complex agorthym .. I think it depends on how large the search is, but generally the first page has up to one listing for a seller, I never have more than one item on the first page .. unless the search has very few listings. then, I think it introduces items with other factors.. (still within relevant titles and tags) I think factors like reneing play in to it too. It never fails after a large order with many items sold I tend to get multiple sales that day after renewing..

I think there are other factors too.
Luci, I do know that there are some things about commas, dashes, colons etc. that you have to be careful of or they can affect things. So I have just been leaving them out rather than having to remember them.

Think of your title as a big tag, used to get found in the searches..not really as a title for people to read. What drives people to click on the item is the picture, and I think your photos serve that purpose very nicely.
Your items are adorable...I wish I knew how to make something!

I think that sometimes your titles may need to be longer when you are listing in a very popular category. I know when I do a search and 13,000 listings come up, I start to become more specific in my searches.

The listing may not always be on the first page - but people searching will find you.
I just made a listing with Joan's guideline. We will see how it does :)

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Hey guys,

I think this topic is better suited to Site Help so I'm going to move it over there for you.

Luci, read up on SEO. Not all the info you're getting is right. This is the article that I think explains it best:

Also, etsy doesn't "rotate" listings per se. As other items become more (or less) relevant given the types of searches that are entered, they rise/fall in the listings. We are not privy to the entire relevancy formula (otherwise people would game it), but favorites, repeat sales of a multiple item, and to a tiny degree recency seem to factor in. BUT, the MAIN THING is always strong relevancy.

So, to use Artgirl's example, because she has the EXACT phrase "earring bowl" in her title and in her tag, a search engine things "hey, it's highly probably that this IS an earring bowl." So anyone searching "earring bowl" will have that item come up high in a search. If I only had it in my title (and not in my tag (or something like "earring green bowl", then my item is less relevant than hers is.

Hope this helps.
I noticed that you had favorited my shop a while back and are now replicating my Raggedy Ann wig design. While I'm flattered that you think so highly of my work, I put a great deal of time and energy into creating original designs and would caution you on simply replicating someone else's original ideas. Best of luck to you.

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