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Vintage Sellers...Lighter backgrounds?

I finally decided I'd try the lighter/whiter backgrounds for my vintage items and did it to the 1st page of my shop yesterday.

I was wondering if any other Vintage sellers have gone from the rustic looking backgrounds to the lighter ones and what your results have been? Better sales? More views?

Or business as usual?


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The items I use the light backgrounds on usually are the ones picked for treasuries. I still do not like it as well as 'in a setting' photos.
I have no idea as to the affect on sales.
Thanks, Ree! Love your shop...great photos!!!
wow your new photos look fantastic, tell us what you are doing!

MUCH better, IMO, the old ones were too yellow. On a few of the new ones they may be a little too blue but much better, the items really pop!
I don't judge a product by its background. Etsy front page treasury makers might, but the background really has no bearing on my opinion of the item if it's what I want and need;)
Thanks, Dianne!

I looked at your shop (VERY nice!!) and noticed that you don't have lighter backgrounds on all of your items - that was going to be my next question - should I change ALL my pics or just some of them?

To answer your question - I white-washed an old wooden board and put a white poster board behind it. Not sure why some are whiter and some are blue - they were all taken within a 30 minute period. Have to figure that out.

There is a cool vintage shop that has a dark background. It looks like a chalkboard and it looks really good. I'll try and find it in my fav's :)
Found it!
I really like the lighter background and the whitewash surface... highlights the item so much more:)
I actually try and mix it up. I do certain items on white, but others I have put a lighter scrapbooking paper or books as background. Certain white and clear items need the background to stand out.

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