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Terrible customer service

Im extremely disappointed with the customer service I received from a shop owner I made a purchase from. Lesson learned that I didn't read all of the shop policies. I'll take responsibility for that! The response I received when I tried to cancel the Oder was beyond rude and not of someone who is trying to make a sell. I purchased something I thought was one thing and come to find out it wasn't a finished product. Instead of her simply offering to make the item at an additional charge she stated no refunds and she is not giving products away for free! In the message there where capital words and I felt as if I was being scorned! I'm so disappointed. If she would have taken a different approached I would have purchased the finished product and done business with her as well at a later time. I wouldn't recommend her shop to anyone now!

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So sorry that you had this unpleasant experience! You did the right thing contacting the Seller for clarification and offering alternative options. I hope you will convey the message you posted here to the Seller themselves. They may not realize their tone came off so badly. That being said, please don't take it personally!

This is a reminder to all to be respectful. We can't discuss or refer to any shops, items, races, nationalities, genders, dialects/languages, countries, etc., in a negative way per forum policy. Etsy is an International marketplace and we want everyone to be civil to one another.

Lastly, we can't really discuss private matters in the forums, per policy. All transaction related information is considered private. Going to close this now.

Your cooperation is much appreciated!


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is "make a sell" a southern thing?
maybe its make a cell?
I am sorry, is there any way you can make the item yourself? at least then it will not be a total lost. I dont know why some people become sellers, it takes more then just the need of making money.
I think it autocorrected "rake a seal"

it has happened to me

no, woodenaht, it isn't :P

Lynette was it a PDF or something that they'd already emailed?
i like to rake a seal!!!
I'm from dc and lived in la I don't know if it's southern
Now that you have gotten that of your chest, and I understand why your upset, the Admin will be here soon to shut this down, because we can't talk about sellers here. It is consdiered a "private matter".
raking seals sounds awfully mean, why would you do that to the poor li'l critters? O_O

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