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someone just sent me a message saying they wanted to purchase 3 pieces but wants to use a credit card but not go thru pay pal. i cant see how it could go wrong but still seems fishy. this person doesnt have any feedback or anything of previous purchases. what should i do?

this is what it said

I would like to buy 3 pendants from your shop, but I would like to pay through my Visa Credit Card. Is there anyway that you can change the Payment Application for your items?

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I don't think you can write exactly what a customer has written you; it's private between the two of you.
Maybe the person wondered if you offer direct checkout.
You can accept credit cards now thru Direct Checkout
Direct checkout
you already have direct checkout. tell them to choose credit card rather than pay pal during checkout.

it's not too strange. quite a few people don't like to use pay pal. congrats on the sales!
thanks, ive had sales before, it just seemed a lil weird.
I don' really see any major red flags here. Tell them they can pay with a credit card through Paypal or use Direct Checkout.

Many buyers are first timers to Etsy...can't ding them just for that.

major red flags to look out for:
- want to use a 3rd party shipping company
- are away at sea
- don't mention items they want, ask questions listed in the listing (i.e., what is the condition of the "item", how much is the "item"?)
- want you to communicate only at their email address (if combined with some of the other items listed above.....but sometimes this is OK as many customers would rather communicate via email)
- want to overpay so you can send them a refund for the overage
- want to send certified check

Read carefully, when you're new to direct checkout it will take awhile before you actually receive the first cleared payment.
thanks guys, sorry to ask a silly question. i just never had anyone want to buy 3 at a time so it made me a little uncertain i suppose.
they can also pay with their credit card through paypal. If they choose paypal from your options, there will be a little link in blue on the paypal site that says
"don't have a paypal card" and if they click that it will bring them to a paypal screen where they can enter their credit card number instead

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