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Just a clarification about the word 'moisturizing'. It can be used if the product is labeled according the the cosmetic labeling requirements, even if it is a soap. If a soap is only used for 'cleaning', then it does not have to follow the cosmetic labeling requirements. A cosmetic claim is NOT the same as a drug claim.

So, as long as a lotion, cream, salve, soap, etc. is following the cosmetic labeling requirements, the word 'moisturizing' is allowed. I believe the same can be said for softening, but I'll have to check on that one.

Here's some information regarding soap and 'moisturizing' from the FDA.

Cyn HearthWoodfromMORTARandPETAL says

I have A LOT of work to do, and I don't want to start until I know exactly what I can and can't do!
This - I think I need to change every listing I have even though we don't make 'medicinal drug claims or claim to cure or treat a health condition or disease'

However, folks use our products because heat and cold makes them feel better. I guess I can't say that heat promotes bloodflow even though it does. There is no disputing that. Cold reduces inflammation - it just does.

Can I say promotes relaxation? That is not any kind of health claim I don't think, but I REALLY do not want to edit all this and find out I did it wrong. I can see how some of our listings are just not allowed, but a LOT of them I'm not sure.

I want to cry I am so overwhelmed right now. I think I need something to 'reduce stress and promote relaxation!"
I was waiting for someone to post this topic as I didn't see it yesterday. This is quite disturbing but this is what happens when a company gets too big. Etsy is very big now and has a lot of mass produced items. I look through these forums often to see many artisans upset at the junk that is on Etsy.

It is important to speak out. Now the policy updates on Etsy is against all that my shop does. My shop is a haven for healing. It offers people the chance to use products that will be additions to their lives. It uses traditional and old remedies that can save someone from having to load their system up with pharmaceutical pills. Yes, I describe what is written in history, research, pharmacopeias as well as my personal experience and uses.

It is only normal to feel sour when what you have a passion for doing is prohibited. So we allowed to sell teas and tinctures without even describing the item. Because describing the item therefor means to make claims of what the item does.

There are people selling cakes, cookies, chocolates, marmalade with no regulations made to make sure these items are made in a stainless steel clean environment. These are items that hold liability. I see pipes and mass produced prints on etsy. These items should be filtered through as it leaves us smaller crafty artisans out to dry. How can someone understand delicate handmade items that have plentiful man hours put into them if they have the option of buying mass produced item on the same website.

Etsy was a very nice opportunity but there is no reason to be here if I cannot sell and describe a honest products characteristics.
Opas Soap, your shop is fabulous and so are your reviews! I hope we can find a solution!
BeyondThePicketFence from BeyondThePicketFence says

shouldn't stones be more under "spiritual" healing as upposed to "medical" healing...isn't that TOTALLY different!?


Generally "metaphysical" means spiritual. I don't see how "metaphysical" can be remotely construed as "physical".
Angie from LiberateAndLather

Changed from NaturesPurityBath on Oct 16, 2016

3:58pm Aug 9, 2012 EDT
Well said opassoap. I feel much like you do! I am very thankful I am meeting with my web designer next week to work on my own shopping cart website where I can list the benefits of "traditional and old remedies" of my products!

Timely with Pom and Skechers in the news recently.
RareDaisyJewelry from RareDaisyJewelry says
If anyone really cared about selling snake oil, or an 'invisible product' then we wouldnt have religion. ;)


It is also proven that religion, whether it be Christianity , Buddhism, or what have you brings calmness and tranquilty to the believer- just as your stones bring to you. I find your comment very closed minded and insulting.
If you dont believe crystals, herbs and minerals have power then you can take the quartz our of your watch, the lithium out of your battery, the copper out of your homes electrical system, and the chamomile out of your sleepy time tea. My comment wasnt meant to be rude. I was just making a very very valid point. :)
RareDaisyJewelry and a few others have raised questions about "spiritual" or "metaphysical" claims.

The policy prohibits medical drug claims about an item, so if the listing is making claims that the product may cure or treat a mental illness, that would be prohibited. Claims for spiritual effects are not necessarily considered medical drug claims.

On page 22, BeyondThePicketFence asked a related question:
"shouldn't stones be more under "spiritual" healing as upposed to "medical" healing...isn't that TOTALLY different!?"

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the policy pertains to all listings on Etsy. A seller may not make claims that using their product (whatever the item may be) correlates with the cure or relief of a health condition or illness.

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