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"This is about "the people who believe that herbs, crystals, soaps, gems, and among other natural things" can have some sort of power or ability to effect people in a good or yet positive way. Guess what? Look around. There are nothing but flowers, plants, rocks, and crystals around us.

YES, any or all of these can have positive effects depends on the user and it is up to the user to take a chance on his or her purchase. ETSY now limits their own registered users to buy items that were once available. Not a smart choice."

I couldnt agree more.. wow. Well said! <3
I'm just another seller in the same boat, and this is my understanding of the FDA requirements (which etsy may not know or be able to clarify).

It's my business to make sure I'm in compliance, my insurance requires it. So this is what I've done. Even though what I make is cosmetics, herbalists fall under those same rules because the only options are cosmetics, drubs, or food. The only thing that isn't regulated is cosmetics, so all sellers will have to fall in line with that.

There are a lot of great posts from Lauren, about more specifics in this thread, though.
While I think it is important for folks to be able to come to some sort of reasonable compromise with Etsy, I can recommend another online platform for folks to sell their herbal products and plant medicines: Poppy Swap (
On page 25 theferriswheels said:
"Lauren, could you please PLEASE give us a time frame in which this needs to be done. I have several large orders going plus our regular orders. I have over 300 listings and probably need to edit them all just to be safe. Some guidance on when etsy expects us to be in compliance would be so helpful."

As noted in the blog announcement, the policy went into effect yesterday (August 8, 2012). We do understand that it may take some time for shops to make the appropriate changes to their listings, and that some shops will have multiple listings to update.

The Marketplace Integrity Team has begun reaching out to many shops affected by the changes. For listings that may contain medical drug claims, we are trying to help sellers bring their listings into compliance, rather than removing listings. In many cases, the item itself can remain on Etsy; it's just the presentation that needs to be edited.

If you have questions about a specific listing in your shop, please feel free to email for help from the Marketplace Integrity Team.

Etsy is only successful because you could find unique, handmade, non-mainstream items by doing a simple search. And because the story behind a shop was educational and inspiring. My tiny shop helped to support a subsistence Native Inupiaq Eskimo life and worked to educate young Native people and strangers about ancient traditional knowledge. But since it is so different it will most likely fail in the coming months. These new prohibitions are culling the 'different' from the bulk.

Unless I add the tag 'moisturizing' to all of my products.....


If it's only relating to medical curing and whatnot that we cant mention... what exactly is the harm in folklore considering the majority of spiritual things dont actually 'cure' they assist in mental well being. That's not medicinal. If a quartz crystal is supposed to promote happiness and strength (guessing o.O) then I see no reason why that shouldn't be allowed to be stated. People want things like that. There are people who specifically look for those things. If someone claims their version of honey cures the common cold that's different.

Sorry I didn't read all 27 pages. I may have just been re-stating
Lauren, we realize that the policy is in effect as of yesterday and that we need to get our shops into compliance as soon as possible. Since we can't seem to get an actual deadline for compliance, how soon until seller accounts start getting suspended? This was sprung upon us yesterday, and some people haven't even been notified yet. Can we have until September 30 or October 31? Please, give us an actual date to work towards. Obviously, we can't be done by yesterday!
This is a sad day on Etsy. I'm so sorry to be reading this.
What happened that Etsy took a 360? Has it been mentioned anywhere online? Used to be they didn't want to get involved with what was listed in the B&B category. Now this? I hope everything works out for y'all.
In all honesty... This sounds like a lawsuit to me. Someone said something in a listing... someone had a bad reaction or it didn't work as they thought it would, and Etsy got the brunt of it.

Now all in that category are screwed. I really am sorry for this
Thank you @RareDaisyJewelry! Good luck to you.

Hi Nasuġraq, I had a look at your shop. I'm so very sorry. I'm sure your help is appreciated. This is not the way its supposed to be but where one door closes another opens. I really believe that. We'll have to look for other venues.

It's not easy not to be sad right now. Etsy doesn't want us or they could come to some kind of terms. Your items are not appreciated here. I agree with what one of the ladies said earlier, we were once encouraged to describe our items for sales purposes now it's being prohibited.

Good luck to all of you!

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