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If you list the healing properties of stones it's fine.

No, if you list the supposed healing properties according to historical or cultural beliefs it's fine. Unless you have FDA approval to say they are actual healing properties, then you must present them as hearsay folklore (or the like).
April from ElunaJewelry says


Does this mean that we should not discuss the mystical or folklore properties attributed to stones? Would this fall under that?

April, that's an excellent question. I'm glad you've emailed our Marketplace Integrity Team (which can be reached at, or via our Support contact form at the link below). I'll see if I can get an answer that I can post here for those with the same question!
Thank you Rob.

Could you also check on Hypo-allergenic? I know it could also be one of those tricky topics.

I was hoping to list some new hypo-allergenic items soon, but will hold off until I get a final say so on that.

why would hypo-allergenic be an issue?

do you mean jewelry findings?

if something actually is something i dont see an issue.

unless you are talking about something else.

but then, i never use the term hypo-allergenic. i just state what the metal is. people with allergies know what they can wear.
I think the problem would arise if the stone had some sort of "active ingredient" that is controlled by the FDA. It isn't something that is ingested or applied to the skin so I can't see where it would be an issue. I think it would fall under more of a mystical, spiritual kind of claim, but that is just my opinion for whatever that's worth.
you may want to try to list an item and see what happens when you mark it as "everything else" and then "magic"., because right after that comes the chance to also tag the item as MEDICINE. Why are we allowed to have MAGICAL medicinal items as a listing according to their listing layout, yet its now prohibited ?

I took down all my listings and now Im going through them one by one. I have a friend here to help me go through and change the words HEALING to balancing, metaphysical, and well being. He says that should do the trick. I will go through my listings a few every day until my shop is how they want it.
To give an example from when I used to make soap you can not claim that it is an acne soap unless you met the medical guidelines to be listed as an acne soap, what you can do however is list the ingredients and state something like.
activated charcoal - reputed to help clear acne (this is ok)
Acne soap will help to clear your acne - you are making a medicial claim.
The minute that you make a medical claim soap no longer falls under the non-medical catigory and you must follow other guidlines to now sell that product. So it is just a matter of wording and making claims
Legally you can make any claim you want so long as you have a disclaimer stating that the FDA did not approve the statements. Many products do this. It is legal to do. Etsy is not prohibiting things based on law. Etsy is a private company that can make its own rules. If it wanted to be more ethical, or make more sense, it would ban items that are cruel like fur, and leather. But as it stands now, someone can call their cookie a "healthy cookie" even if its made with artery clogging butter and refined sugar. Not fair.
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Inactive Etsy Member 11:41pm Aug 8, 2012 EDT
I noticed that there are subcategories for anti itch and diaper rash under salve in b&b and subcategories for acne treatment and anti aging under skin care. I don't sell these but wonder, will these categories be removed?

RareDaisyJewelry is right about the fur, leather and cookies . So not fair:(
Yes, those sub-cats are being removed.

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