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I am off to bed my fellow Etsians. I hope everyone finds a way to keep their shops vital while adhering to Etsy's enforcement. Good luck to all of you.
So, if I remove all of the medicinal claims, do I still need to post interaction precautions and an FDA disclaimer? Obviously I will for my customers, but it seems so unfair to not be able to post benefits, only precautions...
I'm only on pg. 17 as I write this but just wanted to offer a bit of reassurance. Someone said, 'Not being able to list that Shea Butter is an excellent moisturizer or that Aloe Vera helps heal burns is unfair and will make it very hard to describe why a person would want to use said product.'

I truly believe that the type of customer that buys handmade soaps here already knows this.. That type of information is readily found in most fashion, general interest, and fitness books and mags.

I have been using homeopathic medicine for 20+ years, and I can tell you that if I am buying anything for emotional or physical issues, I already know what I am looking for and what does what. It seems logical to me to assume most people who go for natural or herbal remedies already have some knowledge about it.

In your listings could you put 'for more information on xyz, look here' with a link to a blog or article that enumerates each herb, stone, metal or whatever with its attributes. That way if in doubt, I can read more about it.. And as Brandi mentioned, doing it this way is how its supposed to be done anyways. But rest assured, your buyers are a lot more savvy than you think.
Lauren, why are you guys doing this??

People such as RareDaisyJewelry are not harming anyone by selling healing type stones. I don't get it. I really don't.
I just want to point out that St John's Wort can interact badly with antidepressants and antipsychotics (both of which I take) and shouldn't be taken with them...

My doctor had me try St John's before we tried the other medicine, and I had to wait a few weeks in between for it to get out of my system.

(following this thread closely, because I am a consumer of these products! and want to know how I will find them after this.)
As a B&B seller, I knew this was eventually going to happen, but it never occurred to me the magnitude of the number of other people this is going to affect! I think you guys are going a bit overboard. I am only just beginning to investigate this whole issue. It was brought to my attention earlier today, but at that moment, I wasn't able to truly dig in and see what is going on here. This whole thing is a bit over the top.
Cyn HearthWood from MORTARandPETAL says

Lauren, we realize that the policy is in effect as of yesterday and that we need to get our shops into compliance as soon as possible. Since we can't seem to get an actual deadline for compliance, how soon until seller accounts start getting suspended? This was sprung upon us yesterday, and some people haven't even been notified yet. Can we have until September 30 or October 31? Please, give us an actual date to work towards. Obviously, we can't be done by yesterday!


In the cases of items whose descriptions must be altered in order to be compliant with our updated Prohibited Items policies, when possible, we want to allow shops to continue selling such items. A listing may remain on Etsy provided any medical drug claims are removed, the seller is still able to accurately and truthfully describe their item, and the item otherwise complies with Etsy’s rules.

If you have concerns about doing this, I can't recommend strongly enough that you proactively contact our Marketplace Integrity Team. You can do that by emailing; follow any instructions that they give you and you'll be fine.
Anji, rest assured that on my listing for St. John's Wort, I include interaction precautions, and even if I can no longer post the benefits of the herb, I will continue to post any necessary precautions.
Edited because this was covered in prior posts of Lauren's. Whoops!
Thanks Cyn!

I worry because I do try to find things I can use at home, as a first-line when I am ill; not having insurance means that I try to avoid going to a doctor unless it's for a yearly checkup or for an emergency

this will make my life more difficult for sure~

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