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I have a question: Will sellers of dietary supplements (defined here: ) still be able to sell on Etsy?

These would be the sellers that have products like certain teas and herbs, not sold as food. Under FDA rules, they can't claim to cure or treat a condition, but they can legally make "health" claims, like "promotes mental health", as long as they have the FDA disclaimer on the listing and package, and label their product as a Dietary Supplement.
I honesty think it has come down to this for many sellers (not all but many):

We know the FDA guidelines for our labeling/selling/promoting out products and abide by them. We don't fully know Etsy guidelines for describing our products. It appears we can be in compliance with the FDA but not Etsy - ???? Hence the confusion and need for clarification.
From what we are seeing, the disclaimer is not enough. Even if you can legally make health claims, you can not do it here any longer. No medical terminology. You can not even say "ginger helps with nausea" even though my OBGYN said the same thing when I was preggers :).
So is tagging a product with an intended use the same as making medical claims about it? I mean, if I tag an item with the word "rosacea" sure it implies that I'm saying that "for rosacea" is a use for the product, but I'm not directly saying "great for those with rosacea".
Another question - is saying something like "may increase acne" okay but saying "can help alleviate acne" bad? Or are they both bad even though one is a warning and one is a claim?
Ilene from CrochetByIlene says
And you can bet the bank that those same attorneys will come after anyone that claims medicinal benefits from products that harm a customer or fail to perform as promised.

You better believe it!

I'm so confused as to how things can be marketed off Etsy in stores and Amazon with an FDA disclaimer but I am hearing an FDA disclaimer is not good enough.

I have not changed any of my listings yet because I am waiting to hear more concrete descriptions of what Etsy wants. Especially in regards to tinctures or herbal sprays.

Regarding this:

On page 14 Scott from ICraftVintageStyle said:
"Stella- what about tinctures? Their entire reason for "being" is the claim of relief or remedy. Are they to be banned outright?"

In many cases, the item itself is likely not problematic, just the language used to describe the item. For example, an item may have other uses unrelated to the medical drug claim (ex. as a cosmetic, like hand lotion; or as food, like tea). When possible, we want to allow shops to continue selling such items. A listing may remain on Etsy provided any medical drug claims are removed, the seller is still able to accurately and truthfully describe their item, and the item otherwise complies with Etsy’s rules.

Tinctures on the whole do not have any other reason to be used except for health benefits. I do not think anyone hear would doubt the efficacy of echinacea to help with colds. It is not a food, although can be used in a tea, but that is not its purpose. It is not cosmetic.

I definitely understand disclaimers, but this announcement and subsequent clarifications has just muddied the waters, so to speak. This is too vague.
I've seen some questions raised about cosmetic products. It's OK to describe a product as having cosmetic properties or benefits, like saying it is moisturizing, conditioning, softens skin, deodorizes, beautifies, de-tangles hair, etc. Those are not medical drug claims; those cosmetic descriptions do not correlate the product to the cure or treatment of a health condition.
LC cooper says "Also, saying that "some cultures believe that Peridot clears toxins, stimulates tissue regeneration, strengthens the spleen and the pancreas" is not *making a medical claim* no matter how you look at it. If anything, it's making an anthropology, or a sociology, claim."

This is very good point. Making anthropology or sociology claims should be ok.
So i can make any claim I want as long as i put "some cultures believe" in front of it?

good to know!

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