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Etsy is changing my search phrases!

I've noticed this a couple of times now. I just did a search for Vintage Penguin Salt and Pepper Shakers, which I typed into the search bar. I did not select one of Etsy's drop-downs. I just hit enter.

The results came up and my phrase in the box had changed to Penguin Salt and Pepper Shakers (without the word Vintage). Below the search box, Etsy tells me here are my results for Penguin Salt and Pepper Shakers, do I want to search instead for Vintage Penguin Salt and Pepper Shakers? Duh!?!?

So I click on Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers and the results are increased by a few and in a different order.

This is going too far, Etsy! Please give me the Search that I type into the Search Bar!

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I did a search for "vintage penguin salt and pepper shakers" and got vintage ones. I also got this suggestion:

penguin salt and pepper shaker34 items
Showing penguin salt and pepper shaker in vintage. Search instead for vintage penguin salt and pepper shaker in all items.

As an afterthought, I'm not sure why you would want to search for anything "vintage" in the All Items. If it's a vintage something you want, you would want to search for it within vintage only.
I thought that if the title of your search started with "vintage" you will automatically be searching in the vintage category.

I did a couple of searches and that is what happened.
Regardless of what I'm searching for, shouldn't etsy leave my search phrase alone and search for exactly what I type in?

Suggestions in a drop down are fine, but I don't like having my actual phrase altered.
Any more, I have no idea what I'm going to get when I search for something. When you used to be able to pick the category (handmade, vintage or supply) before you searched, I would select vintage and it still gave me handmade as the first option. I don't search in vintage only, I put vintage in the title because there is vintage in handmade and supplies and some sellers list them that way. I have lots of patterns that are vintage just because they're more than 20 years old but if the style isn't vintage, I list them in supplies and don't call them vintage.
I think this is bias

Many handmade Sellers use vintage in their titles, tags and descriptions when they've created something with a vintage look. So I may put Vintage in my search phrase and search All Items, in an attempt to get results showing all vintage items, as well as vintage style items.
"I says what I mean and I means what I says" Popeye
I get so annoyed when I am looking for vintage and I get tons of vintage-style items. Tags.

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